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Digital Banking Training - 2019 Update

Quick 80 minutes Learning of basics in Digital banking and its trends across the globe with 2019 updates

Digital Banking Training - 2019 Update

Quick 80 minutes Learning of basics in Digital banking and its trends across the globe with 2019 updates
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(2019 update video included)

This is a basic level Digital Banking awareness course. It covers entire banking digital life-journey from front-end to back-end. Therefore it should generate enough confidence in you, of becoming aware of actual happenings in the digital banking world.

As this course is like a base camp in Mountaineering, this course will make you conversant with all the various concepts used in new-age innovation within Banking referred to as Digital Banking.

However, it is important to know that this knowledge is at a base level. But its a great start for your life, as you shall start speaking more confidently on banking innovations and digital banking than ever before. This course helps the participant to seek awareness level understanding of Digital Banking in the contemporary era both from fancy innovative names and also projects close to CIO's heart such as Back-end Modernization. This course gives a practical view of what projects are done in front end as well as Back end to make organization digital.

Many times, Digital Banking or e-banking courses only evolves around front-end changes and fancy names, however this course gives you glimpse of projects from not only front end concepts such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Direct Banking, Various Banking apps,  use of Social Media in Banking, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Chatbots, Cognitive computing, Block-chain, Big Data, voice biometrics, etc ; however it also guides on how various back-end modernization programs are done to enable overall goals of digital Banking which includes legacy modernization, Integration, CRM, Document Imaging / OCR, etc . This course also gives examples of new fin-tech companies and non-banks threatening established banks.   

Course content post-Introduction lecture as follows

Segment 1: - Moving from Traditional Banking to New-gen Banking. This segment covers the prior period when tradition banks were moving to Digital banking and why there was a need to become comprehensively digital.

Segment 2: - Proliferation of Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and "Direct Banking" concept. This segment gives the example of web-based platforms used by banks.

Segment 3: - Use of Social media in Banking and arrival of Fintech Firms. This segment gives examples of what multiple banks are doing in the social media area to connect with customers such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other channels.

Segment 4: - Innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IOT), Machine Learning, Block-chain, Big data, etc. This segment highlights new fancy innovations in the technology space, and those technologies taking the entire banking industry by storm and good to seek an experience of Bank of America, JPMC, Ubank, Deutsche Bank, Amazon, Jibun Bank, TD Bank, etc

Segment 5: - Illustrative "CIO Wishlist" to complement or enable comprehensive digital Bank. This segment gives an example of various technology projects done by CIOs at the front-office, middle-office, and back-office to enable comprehensive coverage of digital banking.

2019 DIgital Banking Updates: - Various happenings as of 2019 with innovative areas such as AI, ML, Chatbot usage, Big-data and analytics, Biomatrix, IOT, Blockchain, and many other banking innovations.

Who shall benefit from this course:

- Those job aspirants who want to enter job market esp in Banking segment and want to impress the interviewer assuming tough competition of candidates.
- Students of Commerce, Banking, Finance, management and economics to maintain practical view of the Banking world.
- Employees of a bank to sharpen their skills with knowledge of the world's leading banks and make the best presentation to their bosses.
- Employees of any industry working in Banking and financials segment (e.g. Employees of IT companies working with BFS customers) 
- School Students for helping on their assignment and project, in case they choose to present for industry example.
- Research students who want to have practical view of how the industry is using the latest science and technology in the banking world.
- Students of digital marketing, who want to know the practical usage of initiatives done by Banks in various country.


No specific requirements for the class, as this is a basic course on definitions and happenings in Digital Banking world.

About the instructors


Shripad Vaidya

MNC Director
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Hello, I'm Shripad. I work as a Consulting Director with a leading MNC. I have 25 years experience in Banking and finance field. I have worked with Banks of USA, UK, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, India etc. I am happy to share my knowledge in this Digital Banking. I was chief Judging panelist for a Digital Banking contest of a NY based Magazine called "Global Finance" 


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