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The Purpose Of Life
The purpose of life is to create greater happiness.
And it's not about just being happy in one moment, but every moment. 

To be Self-Fulfilled we need to transform our mind, especially the suffering states of mind which limits our ability to experience happiness - these are the negative states such as our fears, anger, worries, impatience and so forth.

A Journey Of Self-Transformation
These Videos were created to take you on an enlightening journey of Self-Transformation, a journey that has never been taught by anyone before. Because in these videos, you will finally know how this experience of unhappiness, suffering, and limitation is created in the deepest level of the mind, and the ways to transform them. 

B transforming your mind, you will change your life!

The outline for this course is simple. It is divided into two sections. The first half is where you learn how the mind works. And the second half is the practical part. 

Please learn the first half first before doing the practical part!

Who should take this course?

  • People who want to create greater happiness in life
  • People who want to address the suffering states of the mind
  • People who are on a Journey of Self-Discovery

About the instructors

Jonny Liu

Creator of Creation Within Creation
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Jonny John Liu's courses focuses on developing greater happiness in life through transforming and releasing unhappiness.

"True happiness can only be experienced when we address the cause of our unhappiness, and such a journey is a journey of self-discovery and transformation."

His unique teachings focuses on the students becoming their own teacher, and uses techniques to guide students to develop knowledge from their own experience, so they can self-realize the mysteries of The Mind / The Self. 

He frequently publishes his writings on the website Creation Within Creation



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