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The Craving Solution

Learn the tool to eliminate cravings in a sustainable way

The Craving Solution

Learn the tool to eliminate cravings in a sustainable way
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This short, practical course will show you how you can rewire your brain and stop sabotaging your weight loss efforts. This is for anyone that feels they can't control cravings or unwanted food habits, and is puzzled why they sabotage their goals.

Whether you can't stop late night snacking, stop eating when you're full, or can't stop eating while you cook or clean up - this is for you! Learn how to create a new neural pathway that puts you in control of food and allows you to stop sabotaging so you can reach your goal.

About the instructors

Jen Pillipow

Certified Positive Psychology Coach
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There are 3 types of problems: simple, complicated, and complex.
A simple problem is like baking a cake: you follow a recipe.
A complicated problem is one that can be broken down into simple problems - like building a house.
A complex problem is like raising kids: no two kiddos are the same and there’s no recipe for success.
Weight loss is a complex problem: no two people are identical, and the standard recipe of “diet & exercise” doesn’t work.
It’s not that diet and exercise are wrong: it’s just incomplete.
That’s what my program “Brain Boss” addresses: the missing link between diet and exercise - your brain, your thoughts, your beliefs, your mindset.
Addressing that missing link is what makes it possible to not only lose weight - but maintain it in a sustainable lifestyle.
No more gaining the same pounds over and over.
Finally checking “lose weight” off your to-do list, loving the way you eat, and loving your body too.
Curious? Check out my website for more information:

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