Time Engineering: MBA

Know about the science of mastering your time and space for profit.

Time Engineering: MBA

Know about the science of mastering your time and space for profit.
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About the Class

Discover how the top 1% of business leaders master their time and space to drive maximum productivity and profits and how you can too.

Regardless of what stage your business is at you will find exponential value in the way, this course breaks down the skills and dynamics that separate top tier, industry-leading business owners. Because the training in time engineering is not the latest idea, strategy or method that will be obsolete or out of date in three to six months.

Rather it is a permanent shifting and restructuring of the entire thought dynamic of an organization by transforming the thought dynamic of the individuals leading and working in it. So they can develop higher-order thinking skills and think at an elite level, and as a result, make decisions, function, and profit at an elite level.

MBA was built as an educational hub designed to progressively transition you into that professional business owner/entrepreneur you need to be. Each program was meticulously developed to educate students in a critically important (and necessary) element of business success.

The programs were created so that business owners just like you could access a foundation of high-quality experience-based business training. And learn in a step by step staged process, the knowledge and expertise that drives a permanent elevation in the decision-making processes that drive outstanding results. And as a consequence, allow you to progressively, confidently and successfully develop a business that is capable of delivering you what you ultimately want genuine wealth and freedom.

When you enroll in an MBA or any of its programs, if you adhere to the learning protocol, watch the videos (more than once) take notes, and apply the knowledge. You will experience a transformation.

In the beginning, much of it will happen undetected, or subconsciously. But as time progresses and the learning moves to a deeper level, the changes will not only speed up, but you will be able to consciously recognize and leverage them.

Your peripheral vision will begin to expand and you will start to see an opportunity (and barriers) where they were previously hidden in plain sight. You will start to behave differently and as a result, the outcomes you produce will transform. And that’s just scratching the surface. You will start to behave differently and you will start to notice how people react differently to you.

Time engineering is the 1st of a suite of 4 first-class business educational programs developed and produced by Paul Brotherson and the Millennia Business Academy. In time engineering the focus is simple. Learning how to make the most amount of money in the smallest amount of time, using the least amount of energy and effort.

Time engineering will put you in the driver’s seat enabling you to:

  • Terminate waste
  • Multiply your productivity and your income forever
  • Conquer overwhelm
  • Gain total control of your work life
  • Get rid of all the unproductive crap you hate doing
  • And become acutely effective, efficient and profitable


Paul Brotherson

Business Owner, Venture Capitalist and Entrepreneur
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Paul is a unique individual in the world of business training & leadership. He is direct, passionate, driven & has decades of real-world business experience. He took his first job at the age of 10 selling door-to-door for charities, and by age 17 he was living in Asia, managing the sourcing, product design, production & quality control...

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 3 hours 49 minutes
15 Videos
3 Documents
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