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Networking Like a Pro, Not a Wall Flower

Personal Development Self-Improvement Body Language Body Language in the Workplace Body Language for Every Specific Situation In Your Workplace
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What's the best body language to have at networking events? A lot of people in their businesses have to go to networking events. Maybe they're the sole representative of the company you walk in. You don't see anyone you know, what do you do? Will you make a beeline to the bar or the buffet? you immerse yourself in that.

That's not what I'd recommend. And you don't want to just stand against the wall and look like, Oh, God, I wish I weren't here. You don't have to go up and be a big backslap and be tossing out your cards every two seconds. That's not the answer to the solution is just act like you're happy to be there. Maybe a little bit of a smile, not a gigantic jack o' Lantern, but a little bit of a smile on your face. And just look around, see if there's anyone else standing around not talking to anyone just walk up and say hello.

You don't want to be doing this. Now. I'm not one of these body language experts who says well if you are cross your arms. That means you want everyone to stay with. But let's face it, some people do interpret it that way. So try and have some open body language with your hands.

If you're holding a drink. It sounds like a cliche, but it's true. Hold it in your left hand, because when you're shaking hands to meet someone The first time you don't want that cold, clammy feel of someone who is has been holding a cold drink when you're shaking hands. These customs are a little different from country to country, but in general, just make sure it's not too hard and you're breaking someone's hand and but it's not so soft. It feels like a limp fish. Have something in between if you're unsure.

Practice with a colleague or to someone you're pretty friendly with or a family member and tell them if you're getting it right. The main thing is when you're at a networking event, you've just got to act like you're happy to be there. Listen to other people, get them talking about what they do. Everybody loves to talk about what they do. And if you just ask a couple questions, ask people what they're doing. And they talk to you, they'll think you're fascinating.

They'll think you're interesting. Try to do more listening than talking and really look at someone. A huge, huge body language problem many people make at networking events is, yeah, keep talking. I'm listening to you. But there may be someone more important walking in. So just keep, don't be looking over the shoulder.

Look at someone really look at I don't mean stare them down and make them uncomfortable. You can look down for a second. But for the most part, talk to one person at a time. really look at that person. Give them the sense that you're focused on them. Ask them follow up questions, ask them for clarification, and you'll stand out as the Most interesting person they've met at the networking event.

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