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Suze Orman

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The world of finances typically dominated by men. It's a male dominated field. But Suzy Orman stands out, she's done extraordinarily well in this field of personal finance. She has TV shows, infomercials, radio shows, books, she is a multi media conglomerate. And she speaks from the stage at rallies, events, trade associations all over the country, selling her ideas of how people should manage their personal finances more effectively. Now, if you listen to enough personal finance experts after a while, most of them say the same thing.

Get rid of bad debt, cut your spending. Be very careful about where you invest your diversify, use low cost index funds. There's a lot of the same information out there. What Suzy Orman does well, though, is she really bonds with her audience. She gets In the sense that I'm not some highfalutin banker went to Harvard Business School wearing the three piece pinstripe suit. I'm just like one of you on one of your girlfriends, her education is that a social worker?

It's not MBA finance. She's someone who was a waitress before she really got into this field. So she's much more relatable to people. She's not afraid to be funny to throw out zingers to really show personality. I've seen her from the stage before, and she comes across as funny. likable.

And it doesn't matter if she's talking to five people, or 15,000 people. She sounds like she's talking to one girlfriend. over a cup of coffee. It's a loose, conversational style. relaxed, it's friendly. It's non threatening.

And yes, she's not afraid to say cut up your credit card. She's not afraid to Stern, and so she can come across almost like a motherly figure really telling you what's best for your long term future and your short term financial future. Take a look at the clip. Figure out what you like or don't like about how she communicates and post your comments in the q&a section.

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