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Jamey Dragostea

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As a young child, I fell in love with reading and learning. Both my grandmother and my mother were authors and spent countless hours with me, teaching me how to read and eventually how to get lost in the art of reading, study, and imagination. My father, mother, and grandmother are all teachers by profession as well as two siblings.  I have always hungered for knowledge and mental growth. I have always been fascinated with great teachers, Business and Political leaders and those who inspire others. I look up to those who have the ability to take a subject matter, whether it was sophisticated, clever or simple, and turn it into a narrative that inspired others to seek and hunger for more. Leaders who inspire others to better themselves. This was truly a gift shared with me, and I aspire to be like great men and women to make a difference. To me, education is the foundation of everything we do.  Life is a series of evolutionary events. From the moment we were born, we are in a position to learn. Learning is happiness to me. Learning, to me, is as important as the air I breathe and the food I eat. I cherish it; I need it to continue to evolve my state of happiness in life. 


I do and always will consider myself a student of life and a student of learning. In my experience, the more I study and learn, the more I find how much I do not know, I thirst for more. Being able to share and teach knowledge not only allows others to experience that same joy but also enhances my knowledge. There is a magical moment between a Team Manager and a Team member when they “get it.” We have heard of the axiom many times when the “light bulb” is turned on an entirely new perspective is evident. Well, in my opinion, that light not only shines on the employee or the one learning but also it shines right back to the supervisor or mentor. This is what I enjoy most about teaching, leading and managing. It is the fuel that fires my motivation to be the best manager, leader, example and motivator I can be.


In the workplace, engaging with employees and clients is essential to create not only interest in the company and products but also, it allows innovation, excitement, and growth.  By showing my presence, even online, that I am available, that I respond promptly, that I care about the processes of a company, by learning the mission, products, and services, is the very thing which sets me apart from other employees and supervisors. I have a passion for excellence, and it carries over into all areas of my life. My ultimate goal is to create an environment of learning, an environment of communication, and an environment of client satisfaction and repeat business.

Jamey is an Anxiety - Stress Management & Depression Expert. Over 20 years of Teaching and Training thousands of Business Owners and Individuals on the Law of Attraction. Jamey is the former owner of several Behavior and Mental Health Treatment Centers. His techniques of teaching and eliminating Anxiety & Stress have changed the lives of thousands. He is often sought after by High-End executives to help transform their business as well as individuals who find themselves struggling simply to find balance and Happiness. The one common thread which holds people back, Anxiety and Stress which translates into a Lack of Confidence. 

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