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Online Copywriting: How to Write Persuasive Product Pages

Learn how to write copy that sells products online and discover copywriting tips for shopping carts and online store pages.

Online Copywriting: How to Write Persuasive Product Pages

Learn how to write copy that sells products online and discover copywriting tips for shopping carts and online store pages.
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About the Class

You face three challenges when selling products online:

  1. The sales process starts long before buyers land on your product page
  2. Potential customers can't handle your product
  3. Potential customers can't talk to a salesperson (the way they do in a store) before they buy

To meet these three challenges, you need to start selling on Google. You need to write a copy on your product pages, knowing that this copy will show up in search results. You need to write product descriptions that work with product images and choose product images that work with your copy. And you need to anticipate the most common (and pressing) objections and questions that your potential buyers have, and meet these head-ons in your copy.

To be successful writing copy for online product pages, you also need to master the essential parts of each product page, namely:

  • page title tags
  • page description tags
  • short product descriptions
  • long product descriptions
  • image alt tags
  • offers
  • upsells
  • guarantees

This course teaches you how to write copy that sells products online. You learn dozens of online copywriting tips that help you craft effective copy for shopping carts and online store pages.

What will you learn in this course?
  • Write product descriptions that rank well in search results
  • Write product descriptions that appeal to potential buyers
  • Choose photos and images that help to sell products online
  • Write copy that tells buyers things they can't discover from visuals alone
  • Craft offers that motivate buyers to buy products online
  • Write guarantees that remove objections and persuade prospects to buy
  • Write copy that upsells buyers while improving their buying experience
  • Write effective short product descriptions
  • Write effective long product descriptions
Who should take this course?
  • Practicing copywriters who want to learn how to write online copy that sells products.
  • People who are intermediate copywriters.


Alan Sharpe

Veteran direct response copywriter
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Are you reading my bio because you want to improve your copywriting? Bonus. That makes two of us. Are you looking for a copywriting coach who has written for Fortune 500 accounts (Apple, IBM, Hilton Hotels, Bell)? Check. Do you want your copywriting instructor to have experience writing in multiple channels (print, online, direct mail, radio,...

Class Requirements

Students need to have a basic understanding of copywriting.

What's Included

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 1 hour 38 minutes
11 Videos
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