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Sound Therapy, Meditation and Intention with The Alpha Room

A mindfulness approach to sound healing and meditation to boost your mind, restore your health and uplift your spirit.

Sound Therapy, Meditation and Intention with The Alpha Room

A mindfulness approach to sound healing and meditation to boost your mind, restore your health and uplift your spirit.
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I am very happy to announce that our successful project The Alpha Room is in TabletWise for you. The Alpha Room started in 2016 in Miami touring in universities, health clinics, and events. The project evolved in a documentary and a CD with the same name.

In the two years of touring and engage with so many different people, The Alpha Room was and is a success because we approach the practice of meditation and sound healing to deal with one of the most dangerous problems we have: Noise pollution.

Noise pollution is not regulated in many countries and the effects are too many. I'm living in Miami, the third most noisy city in the United States. I know how it feels surround noise and the impact in your body, mind, and spirit.

Our propaganda of awareness opened the door to give a solution against the impact: meditation and sound healing.

Here you are very privileged to watch our documentary The Alpha Room which we explain all the research and tips to have a better life.

One day I heard: is important to empower people with the best available information, so they know what they are dealing with and then have the real commitment to practice the solution.

This is our motto here. So, here at TabletWise, we develop a course that - obviously have the complete documentary The Alpha Room, plus all the resources we work with and the complete CD of the live sessions.

Also, this course won't be complete with the many SUPER TIPS I've been teaching through the years. Simply but powerful descriptions and explanations about brain waves, sound healing, kinesiology, intention, breathing, body position, practices elements like mala and mandalas and more.

Be part of this movement for evolution. When you become a member of this course, you become an agent of the great change. We help you and you help the world. Thanks.



About the instructors

Zayra Mo

Meditation Artist & Holistic Entrepreneur
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My mantra: A beautiful mind heals a broken body.

Zayra Mo is an awarded journalist, artist and a holistic therapist living in Miami for the last 16 years.

Mo graduated with a Master Degree on Investigative Journalism in the Florida International University and is a certified personal trainer, somatic yoga instructor, meditation, art and sound therapist.

Her first achievements were in her natal country Puerto Rico. Mo worked as journalist for the University Radio where she was awarded by the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) and Overseas Press Club for the investigation series of the USA Navy leaving the Vieques’s island because their war practices impacted the health of the residents and the island environment. Later she was awarded with El Nuevo Dia Scholarship to do the master in Miami. In her first year in Miami, the international news agency EFE was her work home for a decade.

Mo decided to add a new profession in her career in 2011 without leaving the skills from journalism.

She started to work as a mentor for students with disabilities in Miami Dade College at the same time she founded the online virtual studio kAca Yoga. kAca Yoga become the first website in United States in offering yoga, meditation and self development courses in Spanish Language.

In Miami Dade College she collaborated with ACCESS Department, Wolfson Campus in 2016 to lead the monthly meditation sessions “Keep Calm & Enjoy” where the students and the staff were painting mandalas while Mo was playing her crystal singing bowls. This project evolved in the current exhibition “Paths of Empathy” at ACCESS Department and the tour The Alpha Room which showcase a short film and the live sound session with crystal singing bowls.

The tour was in Miami Dade College Campuses, the festivals Fun Day Yoga and The Yoga Expo. 

Also, The Alpha Room is the first sound meditation program for Miami Dade County under the division of Parks and Recreation.

As a member of Sound Healers Association, Mo continues developing The Alpha Room's education programs and the resources to give more access to the community to enjoy the power of sound therapy.




Zayra Mo es una galardonada periodista, artista y un terapeuta holística que vive en Miami durante los últimos 16 años. 

Mo se graduó con una Maestría en Periodismo de Investigación en la Florida International University y es una entrenador personal certificada, instructor de yoga somático, meditación, terapia de sonido y arte. 

Sus primeros logros fueron en su país natal, Puerto Rico. Mo trabajó como periodista para la Radio de la Universidad, donde fue galardonada por la Asociación Nacional de Periodistas Hispanos (NAHJ, por sus siglas en inglés) y Overseas Press Club para la serie de investigación de la Marina de los EE. UU. entorno isleño. Más tarde fue galardonada con la Beca El Nuevo Dia para hacer el máster en Miami.

En su primer año en Miami, la agencia de noticias internacional EFE fue su hogar durante una década. 

Mo decidió agregar una nueva profesión en su carrera en 2011 sin dejar las habilidades del periodismo.  Comenzó a trabajar como mentora para estudiantes con discapacidades en el Miami Dade College, al mismo tiempo que fundó el estudio virtual en línea kAca Yoga.

kAca Yoga se convirtió en el primer sitio web en Estados Unidos que ofrece cursos de yoga, meditación y desarrollo personal en el idioma español. 

En Miami Dade College, colaboró ​​con el Departamento de ACCESS en Wolfson Campus en 2016 para dirigir las sesiones mensuales de meditación "Keep Calm & Enjoy", donde los estudiantes y el personal pintaban mandalas mientras Mo tocaba sus cuencos cristal. Este proyecto evolucionó en la exposición de un año "Caminos de empatía" y la invitación a mostrar el cortometraje The Alpha Room durante dos años en varios campus del Miami Dade College.

The Alpha Room tambien se ha presentado en varios festivales como Yoga Fun Day y The Yoga Expo.


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