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WhatsApp Marketing Course - Digital Marketing Evolution 2020

Learn how to send bulk WhatsApp to clients/prospects/audience and mention each person's name without saving the phone numbers.

WhatsApp Marketing Course - Digital Marketing Evolution 2020

Learn how to send bulk WhatsApp to clients/prospects/audience and mention each person's name without saving the phone numbers.
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About the Class

Currently, the most powerful and cost-effective marketing strategy in the world is WhatsApp marketing.

WhatsApp is a huge and untapped traffic source. Everyone has a smartphone and uses WhatsApp. Have you ever imagined that this is a huge and untapped traffic source for you? No digital marketer has really considered it, and this makes it a very hot traffic source right now.

Why WhatsApp marketing:

Large User-Base: With over 1.6 Daily WhatsApp users, you can never go wrong. WhatsApp helps you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Over 60 Billion Messages: Research has it that over 60 billion messages are sent via WhatsApp daily. Are you taking advantage of this figure?

Over 98% Open rate: Unlike Email with a poor and decreasing open rate, WhatsApp messages are opened at the rate of over 98%. This is also backed by serious engagement.

In a recent survey, over 67% said they prefer to use chats more to communicate with businesses. And over 53% of the respondents said they’re more likely to shop with a business they can message directly.

And WhatsApp is the king: Clients and prospects spend more time interacting with you on WhatsApp than any other messaging channel. And the number keeps rising exponentially, with more open rates and engagements

Users are hooked up: All its users are totally hooked to the app. There’s every chance they’ll listen to you if you share something there as long as you don’t use it for spamming

Multimedia Ability: WhatsApp allows multimedia transfer conveniently. The image of your product can reach your audience in no time at all. You can as well record audio and video for more effectiveness and impacts

Quick Communication: Customers enjoy the fact that they’re able to get personalized responses to their queries quickly. Communication is the hallmark of any relation, Seller-Buyer relation not an exception

What will you learn in this course?

  • How to send bulk WhatsApp messages without having to save the numbers in your phone
  • How to mention each person's name in your Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Campaigns (a very powerful marketing strategy)
  • How to filter WhatsApp Numbers out of Non-WhatsApp Numbers
  • How to extract the phone numbers of members of any WhatsApp Group you belong with just a click
  • How to generate WhatsApp Phone numbers
  • How to avoid getting banned by WhatsApp in your Bulk Campaigns, etc
Who should take this course?
  • Anyone interested in getting more customers/subscribers/audience for his/her organization
  • Anyone who can use WhatsApp


Glory Omoye

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Class Requirements

  • You should have a Laptop and a SmartPhone.
  • You should have an internet connection.

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 1 hour 12 minutes
13 Videos
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