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About the Class

Are you interested to learn a new business tool to understand and more effectively manage people at work?

It often comes as a surprise that our first business school occurred long before our college years. Without any conscious effort on our part, we have developed certain personality habits in early life that often become our most effective leadership skills later. Do you know which ones? Do you benefit from them? This program will help you discover and put them to work in your everyday business practice: managing yourself, your team, the whole organization, and even society.

How about your blind spots? Are you crystal clear about them? They often bring unnecessary stress and conflict in your life, and can ultimately ruin your career. If you never paid attention to those dimensions of your personality, here’s your chance. Global business trainer-coach Pavel Mischenko will explain how by an understanding of your personality habits (Birth Order Typical Habits® as a powerful example) you will be able to capitalize on them.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Define your strengths as a leader.
  • Achieve a clear understanding of your unique typical habits and identify your blind spots that can ruin your career and relationships.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to accept your ‘difficult humans’ and how to cooperate, bargain and compromise.
  • Learn specific techniques on how to manage your conflict and reduce stress based on identifying and acknowledging your habits.
  • Achieve clarity on how to manage and forecast your career path.
  • Obtain the skills necessary to remove the psychological barriers to productivity.

Who should take this course?

Leaders of all types: executives, managers, supervisors, and business professionals who work in, plan to or manages a team.


Pavel Mischenko

Business Coach | Leadership Trainer | TEDx Speaker | Mindfulness Ambassador | Peace Promoter
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Pavel is a trusted Business Partner of governmental institutions, Fortune 500 and midsize companies in energy, high-tech, healthcare, manufacturing, marine, and construction industries. Major highlights:25+ years of experience in professional Coaching & Training 4,000+ C-level and mid-level Managers successfully trained 5 geo market areas...

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 1 hour 29 minutes
33 Videos
1 Document
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