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What's included in the class?

 6 video lessons

About the Class

Experience The Present Moment

When was the last time you experienced the Present Moment?

In life, it is easy to dwell on the worries of the future and the regrets of the past. When we develop such a habit, we can forget to realize just how peaceful and powerful the state of being present is!

But instead of talking about what the Present Moment is, it's time to experience it!

The 5 Present Breaths is a 20 minutes guided meditation that will take you deeper and deeper into your mind, into the state of Stillness / Presentness / Happiness.  And through that point of Stillness, the practice will also allow you to develop Self-Knowing.

This course is for

  • People who want to experience peace within the/present moment
  • People who are on a Journey of Self-Discovery
  • Meditation practitioners who want to develop a deeper foundation
  • People who are looking to begin the practice of meditation

The Dark Side Of Self-Knowing

Developing Self-Knowing is the most compelling aspect of any meditation practice. Within the training, you will naturally build Self-Knowing because the more you become in tune with the Present Moment and Stillness.

So from Stillness, you will uncover in stillness. From the state of happiness, you will discover the state of unhappiness. Such is the journey of Self-discovery.  

The Beginning of Your Spiritual Journey
The 5 Present Breaths will teach you the essentials of meditation. All spiritual journeys begin and end with Self-Knowing. Thus learning this technique will mark an important beginning of your journey towards developing the knowledge of who you are from inner experience.

Class Authors

Jonny Liu

Creator of Creation Within Creation
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Jonny John Liu's courses focuses on developing greater happiness in life through transforming and releasing unhappiness."True happiness can only be experienced when we address the cause of our unhappiness, and such a journey is a journey of self-discovery and transformation." His unique teachings focuses on the students becoming their own...
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