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Beginner Skateboarding Lessons

Beginner Level Skaters, this course is for YOU! Learn all the tricks you need to build a foundation on your skate skills.

Beginner Skateboarding Lessons

Beginner Level Skaters, this course is for YOU! Learn all the tricks you need to build a foundation on your skate skills.
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About the Class

In this course, you will learn all the basic Skateboarding tricks. This lays a foundation for you to learn all the other Intermediate and Advanced Skateboarding tricks. You must know the bare basics of skateboarding before starting this course. Take our first Course "Skateboarding from Scratch" to learn the basic skills required for this course. This course will get you to be able to land basic skateboarding tricks and maneuvers! You will be able to ollie up and off a curb and land flat ground tricks. Show off your new skills to your family and friends or use these techniques to get to and from Work, School Ect. for free on your board!

In this course, you will learn 
- Basic Skateboarding Tricks
- Every Trick you need to learn to be able to try Intermediate and Advanced Tricks
- How to Ollie 
- How to Kickflip
- How to Pop Shuv-It
- Beginner Ramp Tricks
- Beginner Grind Tricks
- Beginner Flatground Flip Tricks
- Easy, Fun Beginner Tricks and More!

Find a Driveway, Skatepark or Safe; Smooth Area close by to start Learning! *SAFETY FIRST* Make sure to get a helmet, Wrist Guards, Elbow Pads and Knee Pads when first starting to skate.


Zack Whyel

Pro Skateboarder/Actor
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I've been Skateboarding for 17 years and want to share the stoke of Skateboarding with the World!

Class Requirements

A complete Skateboard Set up. Empty Driveway or Open Skatepark to safely practice tricks. I reccomend you take my "Skateboard from Scratch" course first before trying any of these tricks. 

What's Included

Level: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour 6 minutes
25 Videos
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