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Extensive QiGong Movement, Breathing and Meditation Course

Tap into the power of your life energy (Qi) and bring focus, clarity, strength and health into your life.

Extensive QiGong Movement, Breathing and Meditation Course

Tap into the power of your life energy (Qi) and bring focus, clarity, strength and health into your life.
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About the Class

In this extensive QiGong course, you will learn the wonderful techniques to develop strength, health and inner peace. The course consists of 20 easy to follow videos with movement, breath work, and meditation tutorials and sessions.  After completing this course you will be able to do full sessions of movements, standing poses, breath work and meditation sessions by yourself.

QiGong practice is a lot more than just physical movements as you will discover in this course. Michaël Bijker will take you deep into the QiGong practice of breathing, movement, and meditation. You will not only learn postures and movements to cultivate and open up the energy system, but you will also learn how to tap into the power of the breath which is needed to go deeper into mind, energy training and meditation practices. With the breathing tutorials, guided relaxation and meditation sessions you will become able to understand and master the art of meditation.

Learn the practices to become master of mind and body and that you can start doing by yourself to create a solid foundation for your physical and spiritual well being. 

In this extensive QiGong course you will learn: 

QiGong Postures & Movements

  • Warm-up
  • QiGong stance/ Horse stance
  • Making waves/ Grounding
  • Separating heaven & earth
  • Connecting heaven & earth
  • Turtle breathing/ Spinal breathing
  • Rising sun/ Whole body breathing
  • Pushing out from the heart center
  • Shooting bow & arrow
  • Sweeping arms
  • Pushing breath, moving Qi
  • Pulling down the heavens
  • Pushing up the heavens
  • Circulating the energy/ Heavenly circuit

Breathing & Meditation

  • Spinal breathing
  • Buddhist & Taoist breathing
  • Ocean breathing
  • 3 Stage breath
  • Snake breathing
  • Dragon breathing
  • Cosmic breathing
  • Root energy lock
  • 6 sounds Healing QiGong
  • Dan Tien/ Dan Tian (energy centers)
  • Standing meditations
  • Meditation explained
  • Guided Meditation sessions

QiGong Theory

  • Taoism
  • What is energy?
  • Inner cosmic smile
  • History of QiGong
  • Dan Tien (energy centers)
  • 6 Sound organ healing theory

(I believe these techniques should be available for everybody, money or no money. If you have no money to do the course you can PM me and we will find a solution)

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner-Advanced practitioner



Michael Bijker

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Class Requirements

Anyone that has life energy (Qi) can do this. That is the beauty of QiGong practice :)

Class Contents

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 9 hours 16 minutes
48 Videos
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