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'Buddhist Breathing' session

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We're gonna do now what is called Buddhist reading. Coming to a comfortable sitting position. Take a couple of slow deep breaths just to get centered before we start the actual practice. Loosen up, mid more your face muscles and shoulder. aching a little moment to center. Place your hands over your belly are going to be breathing in and out to the nose and breathing towards the belly like you're filling a balloon.

You're creating some space they're opening up with the breath out to gently contract everything. Back to the center. like this with the breath in, you feel pushing out from side to side and the belly and lower back with the breath out, pulling back, lower down tension like this for a couple more Brett's nice and slow created little bit more space with each breath in. Hold the breath for a little moment and find that center with each breath out. Let's make five more last breaths. Bye peace.

Make sure you keep your face muscles relaxed. shoulder up, playful reading little bit more space opening up and century after your last breath when enhanced down relax your breathing. Keep making gentle soft body spreads letting the airflow through the nose into the body to lower density and center. The chamber expand all the toilet a moment. Release and contract. Oh very soft with a kindness.

The slower and softer the better. You're finding that source and you start to expand it with the breath. keep everything nice and loose, right? I'm sure you can relax a bit more to face muscles and put your tongue against the roof of the mouth. A couple more breaths to create some space with him. Keep your awareness with the very saw 3d.

I'm sure you can create a little bit more openness from space like opening a source Man it's your awareness settle late, a bit deeper. Like you're letting the breath softly happen. Letting the breath expand. Not just your physical body but your whole being your whole energy body, your mind expanding and releasing Feel free to sit a little bit longer The hands together make nice and warm. Place a hand over the belly in the heart. For some breads generate a state of inner peace.

You breathe from the belly up to the heart to the head, state of spaciousness, a state of openness and place the hands together in front of the forehead. For a moment generate a state of gratitude. We had a nice little session. Wonderful. Place the hands over the eyes, your face a little mini massage. I get Bessie with the hands the whole body Relax.

Maybe you'll be blessed with peace and happiness.

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