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How to sit properly for breathing and meditation sessions.

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All right. So let's take a look at how we are going to do these sessions, right because it's very important, for instance, to sit properly in to kind of have a procedure in these sessions. Now, how to sit properly The important thing is to keep the spine nice and link. So when we're sitting eyes this straight, as you can see, there's full space for the diaphragm to move properly to the proper greeting. There's openness in the lung space in the lungs, and also the whole nervous system that goes through the spine and also your energy system as spaces to to open up. You can either sit on a chair, if you want it cross legged sitting is a little bit difficult, or you can sit on your knees.

That is also right long as the spine is nice and straight, I would also recommend you to use if you're sitting on the floor, a pillow that really helps to kind of make the hips a bit higher than the knees so that you can sit more comfortable for longer periods of time. Now, to get the sense of loosening up and opening up what is a great way also to open up your hands. On some of the videos I will be having my hands closed like this. This is also its own benefit to bring more the awareness within but this openness of the hands creates more a sense of that you're opening up a little bit more ways to come. Of course we have all our nerve endings also in our hands and this really helps to create some spacing. If you feel you want to still bring a little bit more concentration connection, you can also touch with the thumb against the index finger like this, to feel that you're still in concentration.

Experiment with this for yourself. It's very subtle, but the more and more you practice and become aware of the subtle sensations in the body in the mind can become more aware of the effects of different end postures. Now generally speaking, you can say that having the palms up and open is a more receiving and opening up effect a mind and nervous system. Having the palms down gives more a grounding effect. The wonderful pose for meditation is called diamond pose, or Deanna mudra. Where you bring the hands on top of each other and the thumbs touching each other.

This is more centering yourself. Mind and energy system like being in a womb. But throughout all the sitting practices, keep your attention with the present moment. Keep connecting with the here and now. reality through whether a mind generates a sense of aversion or attraction, like or dislike, learn to come face to face with what is and learn to be okay with it. Every now and then we get kind of scared for the barbecue.

Make sure you keeping everything loose, keep your jaw loose, and especially the face muscle, the eyebrows, sometimes it can all tense up. It is a great effect when you make a little, just a little beanie smell, just making the lips a bit more relaxed, so that maybe you don't really see That you're smiling like this. Of course not. You just make a little mini snark that you can kind of feel it. And this really sends a signal back to the brain telling your your own brain kind of see. It's all okay, it's all good.

All right, and then also the show's keeping it loose, keeping the spine straight but the rest of the body kind of melting kind of very cold. Another maybe a little bit more it Baynes technique is to apply what's called Mula Bandha. It's a gentle contraction of the area around the pyramid in between the anus and the private parts. When you contract gently that area is it by doing that you're kind of lifting your spine up a little bit as when you have one of these long balloons, right, and you would squeeze it at the bottom, the rest of the balloon We'll get a little bit more upward pressure. And this is what we're doing like that as well as pushing the crown of the head up a little bit that we straighten the body more out, but keeping everything else nice and soft. So it's not that you should apply that constantly that you're constantly contracting this area, but every now and then contract that again to make sure that the spine is nicely lengthened, and then loosen that whole area up again.

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