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Summary - Awareness & Maintenance

5 minutes
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Hi there, Steve King with you once again with a final portion, the final lecture of this course on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, cleaning and clearing of trauma and sharkon. What I'd like to do is make this a summary of the content of the course. And so if we look at where we began, we began by understanding the nature of it, and what is healing etc. But then we got into the meat of it, which was actually from identifying the issues. Now the words I got you to do what we call, let's say, a trauma timeline, identifying the triggers the traumas, the energy packets that have retained inside that you need to process clean, clear work through, evaporate. That's the hope is that you've maybe arrived at that or arrived with the knowledge of how to do that, or if you're a practitioner, a willingness to actually step into doing this and checking it out to see how things go.

And if you have obviously any questions at the end of this, please feel free to To forward them to me we can communicate obviously through Udemy or other resources. But so from the trauma timeline, don't forget we mentioned about staying hydrated, very, very important because you're actually dissipating energy and it can feel very tiring when someone has actually processed a lot of this. We looked at making sure that neurological disorganization correction was done with collarbone breathing, that's very important that inner dialogue was done around reminding a person of surviving being in the now how things are presently. Therefore it's safe enough for them to go and look at this and reminding them even that it's what year it is how old you are reminding them of the adult present body or the more grown up self etc. depending on the age when the trauma was and depending on your age presently.

Then we looked at the poses the the pose where you cut the hands around here the tapping points to three spot tapping procedure. have put details on there. So hopefully you've downloaded some of the materials that are also accompanying the lecture portions of it. And remember, we were doing that along with breathing fully and deeply on the most simplistic stuff, meaning go that route first to see if it cleans and clears or dissipates the images and therefore the feelings. If not remember, that means it is usually shock as opposed to trauma and shock being that state of helplessness and hopelessness. It's when you've got a stuck frozen image, like a still photograph, as opposed to a moving image.

If it's moving, remember, you stick without until it sort of completes itself. And if it doesn't, and we move on to this stack of the frozen aspects, that's when we do the inner child or adult self reclamation. Remember what that is, is it's going into the scene as an observer of the scene, seeing yourself and then actually bringing yourself away from that scene as the adult You are today in a safe, present place a loving place directly in your own heart. So the attention is on the original image afterwards. If so, once you've done that you put your attention back on the original image, check it out. And then you tap through those three points to totally clean and clear.

And by that point, my hope is that not only would it have cleaned clear, you will feel that the energy of it has dissipated. There's closure is freedom, you're no longer in that scene you're grounded in today, which is the newly authentic self that should therefore emerge. So I personally hope that this course has been helpful to you, that you can move on from any painful memories and live in what I would consider an enlightened place and be fully present. Be authentically yourself. Remember what you've worked on here, you've been breaking negative repetitions, negative reactions, negative routines, negative rituals, the turmoil of trauma Hopefully, that's now turned into something where you can welcome the rest of your day is the rest of your time. Be friend, the self.

Use that independent expert observer part of you to make the wisest decisions removed. That's why we were correcting reversals as well. With that, tapping there, the collarbone breathing. I want to thank you all so personally, for having the courage to care for yourself and take in this course. It's especially if you've done this individually during the course of this if you do it for other people. In other words, if you're a counselor, therapists, psychologists, etc.

I thank you for the work you're doing to support other people who have gone through major traumas in their lives. I want to thank you, I did ask you to humor me at the very beginning. So I thank you for honoring yourself care fronting yourself. I thank you for humoring me by being willing to go through this and I urge you to remain open to other points. abilities around energy psychology modalities and healing tools and techniques are reminder that compassion is the barometer of grace. Take good care of yourselves and I wish you all the very best in everything.

I'm Steve King. I look forward to maybe chatting to you on other subjects down the road. If you have any comments, please feel free to type them in and hopefully, we'll be able to communicate if there's any things that you consider to be a blocks to your ongoing good health. All the best

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