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About the Class

In this training, you will learn that supervision today is more about leadership and employee development than it is about discipline. 

Engaging people to get the most from each person you lead is something that takes time and training to accomplish. There are few born leaders but thankfully you can learn how to better lead people.

Most supervisors and managers understand the need for employee leadership. Taking immediate action when you see something that you do not like, or that is concerning, is the sign of a good leader.

Learn to be an active leader. There will be times when your discussions with an employee cannot be 100% positive. Regular daily interactions with an employee should also include bringing performance issues to the employee’s attention while they are small and manageable.

Bonus: Leadership development training form and how to use it.


Jeffrey Yeomans

Leadership Life Coach and Published Author!
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Helping You Reach Your Goals. I have enjoyed 31 years of experience in industry. I have worked my way from a trainee to a senior manager during that time. 19 of the 31 years have been in leadership roles where I had to implement change and guide people like you through the changes in a way that was beneficial for the workers and the company. In...

Class Requirements

You should have an interest in becoming a better leader.

What's Included

Level: Beginner
Duration: 27 minutes
8 Videos
1 Document
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