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About the Class

This colored pencil techniques video course focuses on major colored pencil techniques and drawing concepts via 18 step-by-step video demonstrations, examples, action steps, and explanations. A combination of speed drawing and real-time explanations are included in every class that consists of 18 lessons. If you've never done any kind of drawing, this course may be very challenging for you. If you're quite good at drawing in black-and-white, you'll benefit greatly from taking this course.

What will you learn in this course?

  • How to use effective compositions
  • How to see light to describe a form
  • How to use colors in color harmony
  • How to create textures to describe various subjects
  • How to blend colored pencils using different tools
  • You will also see several "formulas" for depicting various objects realistically and much more

I give students a lineart, materials list and a color chart for every lesson in a single downloadable file. Every video lesson is between 25-90 minutes long. This course is based on The Colored Pencil Manual art book published by Dover Publications, NY. Recommended: watch one lesson a week to have enough time to practice the steps.

This class is designed for beginners in colored pencil art but not for the absolute beginner in the drawing. You must have some basic drawing skills going before proceeding to the colored pencil drawing. Also, please don't skip through the lessons as the course builds up knowledge in progression. Expect to see improvement in your art following the tips and techniques but be kind to yourself as it takes time and practice to become good in drawing.

Video lessons included in this course:

  1. Art Materials and How to pick colored paper for your projects
  2. Composition and Design principles. Masterworks and my design strategies
  3. How to set up the light, turn form, pick pictures and sketch
  4. How to turn form and create volume | Eggs demonstration
  5. Color gradation, rubbings | Lemon demonstration
  6. Creating volume with pencil direction and strokes | Green shell demonstration
  7. How to blend colored pencils: with solvents, blender, light-colored pencils | Gummy bears demonstration
  8. Color harmony and the Munsell color system | Two flowers demonstration
  9. How to draw white fabric and the use of grays | White fabric demonstration (slides only)
  10. How to create symmetrical shapes, draw glass and underpants with markers | Wine glass demonstration (video and slides)
  11. How to draw metal reflections | Silver napkin ring demonstration on white paper
  12. Working on black | Lion demonstration
  13. Drawing crystal on black | Crystal pitcher demonstration
  14. How to draw textures: 5 main techniques | Cat's eye and fur demonstration
  15. How to draw wood with paper indenting | Wood demonstration
  16. How to draw various textures: lifting out, markers and more | Donuts demonstration
  17. How to draw textures with white markers | Golden eye demonstration
  18. How to draw textures using paper's texture | Doorknob demonstration

Benefits of taking the class:

  • A systematic approach to learning
  • This is a fundamental course in colored pencil drawing that covers a range of subjects, materials, and approaches to colored pencil drawing that would be similar to taking a studio class for two semesters in college
  • It gives lots of practical tips and techniques helping you succeed much faster than trying to figure things out on your own
  • Self-paced


Veronica Winters

Fine Artist & Art Instructor
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Veronica Winters is a contemporary Russian-American artist who illuminates the beauty and power of the feminine spirit through her figurative paintings. Winters creates vivid portraits of women, transforming her private, inner world into complex visual stories. Symbolic and influenced by classical artistic traditions, Winters’ work serves as a...

Class Requirements

You should have a good grasp of basic drawing skills in pencil, charcoal or pen. Colored pencil drawing is the second step to mastering drawing techniques.

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 15 hours 3 minutes
20 Videos
1 Document
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