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Key Strategic Aspects of Hotel Performance for Owners

Learn about hotel performance indicators for monitoring and strategic management.

Key Strategic Aspects of Hotel Performance for Owners

Learn about hotel performance indicators for monitoring and strategic management.
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What's included in the class?

 15 video lessons

About the Class

As a hotel owner/operator, you are always wondering how various hotel management strategies are performing and what are various performance matrices we can use for monitoring hotel performance. Hotel operation and management team may have different strategies to achieve their vision.

There are many performance indicators that can be used to analyze hotel performance; however, not all of them give the same value and indication of hotel performance.

Actual performance can be hidden behind good looking KPIs. This course will guide us to understand common KPIs and how to decode them. After this course, you can tell if hotel strategies are working or not and profits are maximized.

Take this very short course to understand how to analyze the hotel's performance without going too deep in financial statements and understand how various performance indicators can help to understand the effectiveness of various strategies.

Class Requirements

You should have a basic understanding of hospitality.

Class Authors

Hotel Management School

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Lead Instructor, Mr Manish Gupta is an experienced hospitality professional, having a blend of financial core expertise with hands-on training in Hotel Management, operations and business development. Having worked as an Auditor for 7 years, he moved into finance management for brands like Parsvnath Developers and Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts...
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