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7 PR Secrets All Founders Should Know

Learn how PR can help their business, what materials founders need and what founders should look for when embarking on any PR campaign.

7 PR Secrets All Founders Should Know

Learn how PR can help their business, what materials founders need and what founders should look for when embarking on any PR campaign.
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About the Class

About this course:

Let’s face it. Most founders think Public Relations (PR) is something that a college intern can do by Mailchimping a pitch to a list of reporters scraped from the Internet. It’s usually the last thing a startup or founder thinks of while they're building their company. 

I’m sure as a founder, you struggle to figure out when to do PR, what type of PR you need and more importantly, how to go about getting your message out into the world. Don’t worry. The 7 PR secrets every founder should know but are not told is for the startup founder who wants to understand how PR can help their business and to make the right decisions about who to hire and when to hire them.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Learn the 7 secrets of PR and why every founder should be thinking about them
  • Understand what’s important and what’s not important for startup PR
  • Identify what makes your company unique among everyone else
  • Craft a reporter pitch that gets results
  • Incorporate PR into your marketing and social media efforts
  • Construct a PR Narrative that works

Who should take this course?

  • Founders who want to understand the power of PR
  • Marketing managers who want to figure out how to incorporate PR into their efforts.
  • Social Media managers that want to take advantage of good and bad PR opportunities

Workshop Schedule:

  • Introduction
  • Secret #1: Not Everything You Do is Newsworthy
  • Secret #2: The Press Release is Dead
  • PR Narrative Exercise #1 — What is Your Company’s Why?
  • Secret #3: Not All PR is Good PR
  • Secret #4: The Founder is Different Than The Company
  • PR Narrative Exercise #2 — What Makes Your Company Unique?
  • Secret #5: You Really Need A Press Kit
  • Secret #6: Timing is Everything
  • Secret #7: The Line Between PR and Marketing is Blurry
  • PR Narrative Exercise #3 — What Pain Does Your Company Solve?
  • Writing Your PR Narrative For Fun & Profit

This class is based on the book 7 PR Secrets All Founders Should Know. A copy of the eBook is provided with the class. It's also based on the blog posts Five Roles of Public RelationsWriting Your Business Narrative, and Writing Your PR Narrative.


Jarie Bolander

Engineer by Training, Entrepreneur by Nature.
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Jarie is an engineer by training and an entrepreneur by nature. He has over 20 years of experience bring innovative technology products to market. This gives him a unique perspective on the power of storytelling for businesses since the best story, not technology wins. He is a Certified Story Grid Editor who uses his editor training to help...

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 36 minutes
13 Videos
6 Documents
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