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Organizational Change - Introduction to Change Models

Tools of the trade - understanding what needs doing & ways to get there.

Organizational Change - Introduction to Change Models

Tools of the trade - understanding what needs doing & ways to get there.
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About the Class

I designed this course with the idea that newcomers to organizational change are often needlessly confused when presented a toolbox full of change models without instructions on how to pick the right tool for the job they face. Some of this confusion can be traced back to many authors and instructors who throw the term “Change Models” around freely, ignoring the very different purposes and perspectives on the change process. This online course is an attempt to cut through this confusion with a classification scheme that ties the model choice to the purpose served in the change project. Further, by approaching model choice from a “purpose” perspective, the change leader can narrow the models to those most appropriate and avoid using a hammer when a screwdriver is needed.

This course is for the manager who is facing challenges and needs a pathway to a solution. Content for the course comes from 40+ years of professional and academic experience - practical solutions with supporting resources. This course is NOT for those wanting entertainment.  (However, I can provide some recommendations for cat videos on request.)


Dr. Ross Wirth

Professor & org-change consultant
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Dr. Wirth is a recognied educator and org-change practitioner who now focuses his time to help others learn what he has mastered over the past 40+ years.

Class Requirements

The only requirement is an interest in improving yourself and the organization where you work.

What's Included

Level: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour 5 minutes
7 Videos
3 Documents
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