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Basic Video Editing with Premiere Pro

Learn the basics of video editing in just 20 minutes.

Basic Video Editing with Premiere Pro

Learn the basics of video editing in just 20 minutes.
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I am here to help you create an amazing video. Many people assume that video editing is challenging. The first time I edited a video, I had zero knowledge. The instructional videos I watched were complicated and did not cover the basic things. My video editing course will help you learn how easy and fun it is to edit.

The entire story in a video evolves at three stages:

  1. When the scriptwriter first writes the story.
  2. When the director shoots the film.
  3. When the editor finishes the final video.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Understand the video editing process.
  • Organizing the files, Importing the footage.
  • Basic transitions, add text, how to add music, audio sync, and export video.
  • Finish editing your first amazing video.

Let's make better videos, and I am sure by the end of the class, you will feel much more confident in video editing.


You should have Adobe Premiere Pro 2017 installed on your PC/Mac.

About the instructors

Bharath Raj

Video Creator
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I was working as a Financial Analyst in a bank for 5 years and left the job to follow my passion and dreams. I wanted to start making films, but had no knowledge. All I had was passion. Started learning things on my own, most of the times (Trial and error method) and with help of some amazing teachers as well.

I always believe that a film maker must know everything involved in a film, like editing, cinematography, music. Hence, I started learning Video editing, Cinematography (Which lead to photography). Did few advertisements, wedding videos, Short films. Wanted to learn few more things so I can earn some money, learnt Web Designing.

Do not be afraid to start something new. Keep learning and some day you will be proud of your achievements.

I hope that my classes here will help you start something new.

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