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Test Taking Secrets

Ace Your Exams, Crush Your Courses And Get The Grades You Deserve

Test Taking Secrets

Ace Your Exams, Crush Your Courses And Get The Grades You Deserve
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What's included in the class?

 23 video lessons
 2 audio lessons

About the Class

In Test Taking Secrets you’ll learn...

  • Simple tools to boost memory
  • Study tactics and strategies to improve exam scores
  • Psychology hacks to understand what your teacher wants as the correct answer
  • How to guess correctly more often - even when you have no clue about the topic
  • Simple and effective ways to biohack memory
  • How to take advantage of subtle wording to eliminate wrong choices

This course helps students master the art of test taking. Who wouldn't want to benefit from a higher GPA and capitalize on all those hours spent studying?

Let's face it; education is expensive. Students are busy and need more than ever to get the most results for their effort. Why not use the information in this course to ace exams and crush every course?

By breaking down the preparation and actual process of answering questions, this course will provide the tools and techniques to help students of all academic abilities. Build an academic record that gets you noticed, enables you to land a great job or get into grad school, medical or law school.

The modules follow a logical progression and dive into the various question formats commonly used by exam writers. Students of this course will learn how to eliminate the distractors and hone in on the correct answer. Arm yourself with the best tools, tactics, and strategies used by the best and most successful students.

Reward yourself and get the grades you want and deserve.

Who this course is for:

  • High School Students
  • College Students
  • Professional Students
  • Those who want to improve their test taking skills

Class Requirements

  • Desire to improve test-taking skills and academic grades
  • Open to novel concepts

Class Authors

Mitchel Schwindt

physician, consultant, author
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