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Make Money Online: Sell your Junk on Facebook Marketplace

Learn how to sell your unwanted goods online with Facebook Marketplace and earn money instantly.

Make Money Online: Sell your Junk on Facebook Marketplace

Learn how to sell your unwanted goods online with Facebook Marketplace and earn money instantly.
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Would you like to make up to $250 per week by simply selling second hand and unwanted items online?

You have just stumbled upon a step-by-step guide that will help you master selling your second-hand and unwanted goods on Facebook Marketplace.

The challenge for most people is that any ‘side hustle’ takes up way too much time. Lucky for you, this will cost you about 1 hour per week just by taking photos and selling your “junk” on Facebook Marketplace.

Learn how to take photos that sell, write winning product descriptions, and a winning title. This course is specifically designed to help you sell all your second-hand goods online in as little time as possible.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Identify the opportunity on Facebook Marketplace and discover how to master it
  • Learn how to identify items you can sell online
  • Learn how to take photos of your items to attract buyers
  • Learn how to write a winning title and a selling advertisement
  • Download numerous examples for you to copy and apply to your advertisements
  • Learn some basic sales techniques and safety protocols to sell online
  • Much much more

Who should take this course?

  • Stay at home parents looking to make extra money on the side or a money generating hobby
  • Side hustlers who are looking for a hustle that has little time and capital investment but still a good return on time invested
  • People looking to raise capital for a start-up
  • People looking for an easy way to make money online with limited technical skills
  • People wanting to clean up their house and didn’t realize they can sell it online and make some cash

Why listen to me?

From July 2018 to December 2018, I have been selling my unwanted goods and junk on Facebook Marketplace and earned AUD 250 per week with little time invested. In addition, I raised enough money to start a new business as well as clear-out my house to make way for my wife to move in. It couldn’t have worked out better for me.

I was surprised at how much money I was making from this simple side hustle, and in the next months, I earned up to $5,000 by selling unwanted goods that were around my house. My friends and family even offered to give me their unwanted goods to sell too.

In addition to that, I have learned many sales skills, photography skills, and marketing skills that helped me sell online, which I also reveal to you in this course.

What if you have questions?

If you have any questions throughout the course, I offer full support 7 days a week. This means that if you don't understand something or you get stuck, you will get a fast response to help you complete the course.

Feel free to preview some of the course material, so that you can get a feel for the course and ensure it is right for you.


  • You should have a learning and can-do attitude to implement all that is taught within this course.
  • You should have access to a computer and an internet browser and a Facebook account.

About the instructors

Andrew Pham

Online Career Coach / Pastor / Entrepreneur
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I help people land the jobs they love and help them improve their lifestyle.

About Me

Professional Experience: I have worked in the finance and accounting industries for over 10 years. Most of my experience is as a Relationship Credit Manager in Institutional Banking where I service the banking needs of the largest corporations in Australia and SE-Asia. However, I have worked broadly at many different organisations including Ernst & Young, Deloitte, ANZ Banking Group, National Australia Bank and the Australian Stock Exchange. I have managed small teams of 3-4, hired junior staff at ANZ Bank, and led large 60+ person teams in volunteer/nfp positions.

Other experience: Worked in governance in NFP industry (YMCA - 2 years in the risk, acquisition and fundraising committees), part-time preacher at various churches in Melbourne, and a loving husband.

Why Listen To Me

Career Coach: I've worked as a Career Coach and Life Coach with over 500+ coaching hours helping numerous clients land their ideal job and grow in their confidence. As a Career Coach, I specialise in career planning, resume/cover letter editing, interviewing/commutation and job performance skills aimed at helping clients into Multinational Corporations and climbing further, faster.

What I'm Passionate About

Helping others succeed: I remember as a Credit Manager I enjoyed my job but what I found most fulfilling in my job was helping other junior staff grow in their skills. I liked it so much that I recall spending more time training others then doing my job. This is how I knew I wanted to be a Coach. So now i'm super passionate about helping other succeed in the field that they love.

Being Authentic: I'm passionate about helping other succeed by ultimately just being themselves. Many people believe that you have to "copy" someone else or constantly compare themselves with others. I think this is a real trap and ultimate success is understanding your skills, your personality and using all your God-given talents to its fullest.

Success Mindset: I firmly believe that success is a mindset and I teach all my clients that if you can discipline your mind, you can achieve more than you realise. It takes courage to fight for what you are passionate about so by disciplining your mind, you can achieve what you think is impossible.

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