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About the Class

This class is made for beginner learners willing to get familiar with the most used verbs in French.

It's also a good resource for new vocabulary and forms as each verb is put into simple sentences so that students can be exposed to spoken French as they learn how to use the different verb, tense and subjects.

Learners will find in this class:

  • One video per verb, including
  • 3 different sentences
  • 3 different tenses
  • 3 different subject (I, you, He, She)
  • French pronunciation coming along with English translation

Class Requirements

You should have a working laptop, tablet or smartphone and headphones for a better listening of the pronunciation.

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What's included in the class?

 100 video lessons

Class Contents

Class Authors

Felix Brassier

Languages Teacher
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I'm a French Filmmaker (having BA in Fine Arts / Professional BA in Multimedia/Audiovisual Production / 1st grade in Cinema studies passed in French universities) working in several countries across Europe producing documentary films and videos for the music industry and schools (which has enabled me to learn English, Spanish, Arabic and Italian on the field). For more than three years now I'm focusing my life on the "migrants", "refugees"' situation and humanitarian working life. I've grown my experiences and skills to be able to help in any kind of situation and I naturally came to work a lot on school projects, teaching English, French and Italian and it's something I found really meaningful. It helped me to get more confident in my teaching approach and to be able to run classes for any kind of students from beginners to intermediate, children to adults in different languages. As I started my teaching experience in completely informal conditions, (even though I passed and still follow more "academic" and "official" teaching approaches, like FLE or TOEFL) my lessons are essentially based on lively conversations and topic based activities putting the student in a position where he can learn and practice the language in a useful and efficient way.

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