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As I mentioned to you in the previous video of this course, and at the very beginning, I'm here for you. As you may have noticed, this is not a course where all the time and energy and effort was spent with fancy music, sound effects, swishes and lots of graphics, no offense to those who did. So I have more of my time to actually give you feedback, constructive criticism. So here's the offer I have for you. If you take the video that you've been working on, you've got one now that you think is the best you can do. upload it to YouTube, and put the URL the link and the discussion section of this course.

I will give you a personalized critique. tell you exactly what I think you're doing well, but also where you need to improve now, I hope this doesn't sound arrogant, but people pay me a lot of money for this and the non virtual non internet world where I go to their offices. Or their place of business or their Parliament or their government building. Because that's what I do. I've trained in 30 countries around the world. I'm willing to do this for you, because this is how I can really help you the most.

And simply by doing this, I can tell you, you're automatically going to catapult yourself to the top point 1% of students because only one out of 1000 ever does that in all of my courses. I have more than 100 presentation skills courses here on you to me, and for the most part, nobody takes me up on this offer. So if you want to get personalized feedback, feel free to do so but you've got to post the URL in the discussion group here. And you can also get feedback from your fellow students.

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