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Conclusion- You are No Longer a Beginner at Presentation Skills

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Congratulations, you're no longer a beginner. When it comes to presentation skills. I apologize. I think I pulled a little bit of a bait and switch here because I actually gave you a lot of advanced tips that I give CEOs and serious professional speakers. You already have what they have. Now I tried to do it by respecting your time.

This is a very brief course. But I hope you realize you know a lot more than what it takes to just get over that initial hump of being a beginner. When it comes to presentation skills. You can be great. It all comes down to really deciding in advance. What do you want your audience to do?

Brainstorming on messages, then narrowing it down to your top five. Then coming up with interesting stories and examples for each one of your messages, pictures and images if you're going to use PowerPoint and then practicing on video until you I love it. And if you do all that, then your audience is going to perceive you as not some rank beginner when it comes to presentation skills, but as someone who is comfortable, confident, relaxed, then you're gonna understand you, they're going to remember your messages and they will take the actions you want. Do that and you will be not just a beginner but you will be fantastic when it comes to your presentation skills. Good luck.

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