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Adobe InDesign CC: A Complete Introduction

Learn everything you are likely to need to do with InDesign in a professional workplace.

Adobe InDesign CC: A Complete Introduction

Learn everything you are likely to need to do with InDesign in a professional workplace.
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What's included in the class?

 38 video lessons

About the Class

Anything you can put on a page, you can do with InDesign. It's quite simply the best page layout program, ever. I know, because I've used all the others.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Basic orientation: screen layout, preferences, and setting up a page
  • Colour: how to use colours, create them, and edit them
  • Paragraph styles: How to use, create, and edit them. They're basically macros for text, and incredibly useful. A paragraph style holds all the information you need for, say, chapter headings, size, typeface, alignment, colour, etc. You click in the text, then click on the paragraph style. It's that simple.
  • Text wrap: this is how you make the text get out of the way of images
  • Images: how to import them, put them where you want, size them how you want and how to check that they're good enough for the purpose

There are loads of other tips as well: Automatic page numbering, tabs, master pages, lots and lots of useful stuff. By the time you've been through these videos, you'll be an expert.

I've been teaching InDesign in this exact way for many years now, updating my notes as Adobe add new stuff. So I know it works. See if you agree.

Class Requirements

You should have installed Adobe InDesign in your PC/Mac.

Class Authors

Mark Gatter

Graphics Software Training
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I'm an Adobe ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) and ACI (Adobe Certified Instructor) living in the UK. I've been training software, mostly Adobe (because it's SO good) for over 20 years, and I've been a freelance grahic desinger for 30 years. Before that I was the production manager of a big print shop in California. So, by now I think I've got a...
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