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Why Your Phone is the Best Secret Business App Ever

2 minutes
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We need to start off by recognizing the unique power of the phone and therefore the human voice. That's what the phone is good for conveying the human voice. And there are a lot of things that are distinct about that. When you call someone, it shows a certain level of importance. It's not just a quick email. It's not just a quick text.

The phone is uniquely valuable for communicating things that are of extreme importance. I want this job. We want you to hire us. We are firing you. You've had a loved one who has died. I mean, nobody wants to get an email, or a text saying, will you marry me or your child has died or your father has died?

It's considered too impersonal. That's the beauty of the telephone. It's much much more personal. It's a way of putting a spotlight on a message that you think is important. It's a waste for other people to communicate important things to you. And that's why you're going to pay attention.

And I'm going to give you some techniques for really making sure it sticks with you. But it's also why you're going to use the phone to communicate important things. Think about your own work day, how many emails Do you get an average day versus an average week? Now think about how many phone calls do you get? If you're like me, or most people, you probably get 100 emails, maybe 1000 emails for every phone call. What stands out more?

Now you can say you don't like phone calls or it's annoying. But if you're trying to do and serious, important part of business, get a new client. There's nothing like a phone call from a new client who says yes, we want to work with you send over the contract. Much more powerful than just an email. So always be thinking about not just how to use the phone, but when it is as appropriate. There are times when a simple email or text will be fine.

But for important information, serious stuff, things critical to your business mission things critical to your most important customers, clients, prospects, your bosses, hats when you can't meet in person. Phone is the next best thing.

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