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Best Voicemail Messages for Success

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When you're leaving a voicemail, it's critically important you do the following things. For starters, state your name, your organization and the purpose of your call, speak a little bit slower than normal. And articulate not in a big fake, phony way, but articulate a little more clearly than usual. Give your phone number once and then give it a second time even a little bit slower. If you do that, you'll come across professional, you'll make it easy for people to get back to you. And the person you're calling you may think he knows you by heart, but they may know 10 other people with your name.

So unless you have a really distinctive name, state your full name, I mean, your first or your last name, at least you don't have to state your middle name, but state your first and last name the organization. Make it clear for them and if it's any kind of a call where You're not certain person's going to want to call you back right away, perhaps a prospect, dangle something interesting. I don't mean cheesy or provide them calm. If you want to get rich in the next 24 hours, I'm not suggesting you do anything overtly manipulative, and cheesy and filled with hokum. But if you can give them a taste of what you're calling about, and why it might benefit them to call you back, you'll increase the odds that they call you back. A lot of people, they get a voicemail, they hang up.

I bet you do not do that. Get so if you're watching this and say, Oh, my gosh, TJ is a really old grumpy man. I'm just trying to help you make more money and succeed in business. I understand. There are a lot of you, under I'll say about the age of 39 where you never, ever Ever, ever, ever leave voicemail with friends and family? Fine.

I'm not trying to change you. But if you're calling a customer, a client a prospect, do not call and then leave a voicemail. It's highly irritating to a lot of people. They can't stand it. They're thinking about is this a telemarketer? I'm wasting my time, or is this something important?

Do I need to call back? Oh, what do I do? It creates all this anxiety. So if you're gonna call someone, leave a message. That's what the technology's there. There is literally nothing bad that can happen to you.

If you leave a voicemail, after you've called someone and it goes to voicemail, it just makes life easier for everyone. You don't have to do this constant game of phone tag of people trying to figure out why do we even start trying to contact each other it'll all be there in your initial voicemail message. So Please, I'm begging you call, get the voicemail leave a message. You may think you're calling an office phone, but the office phone has been forwarded to someone cell phone. And if they just see a couple of missed messages, it's annoying. And they're going to wonder was this important is this crisis what's really happening?

Why keep them in doubt? It's not necessary to do that at all. So please leave the voicemail message. It's simple, easy, technology's been around a long time. You cannot go wrong by doing that.

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