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Better Than the Best Hollywood Goodbyes

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We're quickly coming to the end of this course and it's gonna be time to say goodbye. Speaking of which, have you noticed that more and more of these days, a lot of people just hang up the phone? They don't say goodbye. Why is that? Well, it's because in the movies and TV shows you don't see people say goodbye because it doesn't advance the narrative. It takes valuable screen time, film time doesn't add to the drama of a movie, or the comedic effect of a sitcom.

So if you're making a movie, by all means, don't say goodbye. But for everything else in your business life. Be polite. Thank the person for their time. And then whether you say goodbye or by either way is fine, but don't just hang up. It's too abrupt.

Nobody's going to be offended. By a quick simple goodbye.

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