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Making Sure They Only Hear the Magic of Your Voice

1 minutes
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Do you want to hear that? I don't think so you're probably disgusted. All right, you're probably looking for the one star rating button right now. Why do I do I just want to point out to you when you're talking on the phone, donate, people can hear it. It strikes them as rude. Have I ever been guilty of that?

Yes. But I try not to and I especially Try not to when I'm talking to clients, customers, prospects, and other decision makers involved in my own business. Should I never do that? Yeah, should never do that. But we're all human beings. So if I'm talking to my spouse or something, and it's dinner time, and I'm traveling, yeah, I might do that.

Learn what's appropriate in business situations. So you don't want to be sending any noises that are getting going to be confusing to the business person. And you're speaking to so eating can be a problem. Drinking, slurping you may think you're really quiet but the sipping sound may be louder than you think. So that's why I'm drinking my tea in between takes of shooting this course for you not during the actual video other than to make a point there. Typing is another one.

We've talked about that but when you're typing, people can hear it. And the back of their mind they're thinking, Oh, she's handling email. Now he's talking to friends on Facebook typing. Don't make noise. The only thing someone should hear when they're speaking to you on the phone is your voice.

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