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Your Clients Will Never Think You are Screaming At Them Again

2 minutes
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Why? Hi, I can't hear you. You're looking for what kind of see how annoying that is. Here's the lesson. Don't answer your phone. If you're in a really noisy loud place, restaurants can be noisy nightclubs can be noisy.

Far better to see phone calls coming in, let it go to voicemail and then excuse yourself, go outside, go to a quiet place. Return the call Five minutes later, when it's quiet This way, you can have a normal tone of voice you may have a client prospect calling you. It's three in the afternoon for them, buddy, it's 9pm for you you're in and you're off duty. It's nightclub you're maybe having a good time having a glass of wine or two. Don't show that side of your life your reality to the client or prospect of that moment. Find it quiet place wait till you're in a quiet place before you take the call.

You don't have to be shouting over music over background sound over the, the loud clatter of people if you're in a noisy restaurant, you want quiet. When you're taking call most of the time, of course, there could be exceptions, where it's a client you're dealing with, it's a very intense crisis situation, you're going back and forth. They have to get ahold of you instantly. And you've already talked to a dozen times a day. Yeah, maybe you pick up instantly no matter where you are. But otherwise, you don't want to expose someone the first time talking to you.

And they're hearing you shouting, it just does not make a good impression at all. So don't do that. Speaking of good impressions, if you're out, everybody deserves to relax in their own way. But if you had a couple glasses of wine, you're at a nice loud, fun place. My recommendation just don't take the call. Return Call tomorrow because you may think you're perfectly fine.

But if you have even a 5% slurring your speech that might make a permanent negative impression on a client, customer, or boss, so make sure that you're not doing anything to expose yourself to criticism when you're taking calls after hours.

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