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Making Sure Your Phone Passes Your Friend Test

3 minutes
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You need to know exactly how your technology works. I don't mean you literally have to open the back of the phone and figure out where every little electronic device connects. But you do need to know the basics of what the most effective way is to use your phone. My recommendation is call a friend in this case it could be a family member and ask them how do I sound and talk to it an inch, inch and a half two inches and on and give get feedback from them on what actually sounds the best. Because every phone can be a little bit different. Your voice can be a little different.

You need to know what is the best way to use your phone. As far as the distance from the microphone I can tell you right now. The best way is not going to be two feet away with on speakerphone we've already talked about that. I hope I've convinced you not to use speakerphone. Other than extreme situations. Where you absolutely have to have both hands free.

A couple of other things that are relatively modern problems with respect to phones, especially for those of you who get new cell phones frequently as I do. I had recently upgraded from one iPhone to the next went to the same company that always sold me the phone. I asked for a protective cover. I got the protective governor, and all of a sudden, I'm noticing about a third of the people I'm speaking to are saying, huh, why? They couldn't hear me I kept on thinking it was because it was a new phone it needed an update. Well, no.

The company that sold me the phone and sold me the protective cover sold me the wrong version of a cover so it fit the right size, but it was for the previous edition. And the version they gave me covered one of the three microphones On the phone, so it was destroying the audio quality. Took I'm ashamed to say it took me a couple of months to finally figure this out. Very important. When people tell you, they're having trouble hearing you, believe them. Do whatever it takes to make sure you're coming across clear.

That's why I recommend testing. That's why I recommend instantly trying to troubleshoot, change things make sure you don't have a cover. That's obscuring one of the microphones. So this is your first homework assignment. Call a family friend, a colleague, could be someone in the next cubicle, and ask them to tell you to give you honest feedback. How does it sound?

Do you sound muffled? Is there anything unclear? How is the volume really get feedback and if there's any problem at all, let's figure out the solution right now. So please don't just fast forward to the next video. Take two seconds and call somebody and let's really get an assessment figure out how close you need to be to your phone. And if there's any other problems with the microphone on your phone or if there's anything covering it.

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