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Easy Sourdough Bread for Beginners

Learn how to bake perfectly, imperfect sourdough bread from scratch.

Easy Sourdough Bread for Beginners

Learn how to bake perfectly, imperfect sourdough bread from scratch.
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What's included in the class?

 14 video lessons
 4 documents

About the Class

The aim of this course is simply to get you hooked on sourdough bread baking.

I'm not going to delve into the chemistry of sourdough bread baking, analyze the properties of different flours, list masses of baking equipment, or baffle you with complex techniques.

I look at it this way: do you need to know how a carburetor works to learn how to drive a car? No. Well, nor do you need to immerse yourself in science to bake a wealth of wonderful sourdough bread.

The Sourdough bread in this course are ones that I bake at home for my family and friends in my standard domestic oven, with my three kids distracting me as much as they can. I teach them to the people who come to my sourdough bread classes in my bakery, and I love the moment when the baking is finished, and we all sit down with the bread we have made, some good cheese and a glass of wine or beer, and relax and enjoy the sense of achievement.

Class Authors

Thomas Mathiassen

Master Baker.
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I have always been crazy about bread since i was a kid, my earliest bread memory was when my mother would send me to the local bakery Langhoff's bakery in Silkeborg, Denmark to pick up a freshly baked bloomer, wrapped in a piece of paper. My mother would cut some thick slices, of the bloomer a generous layer of butter and fresh strawberry jam,...
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