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Hey guys, this is Keisha Keisha ambition. by profession. I'm a mechanical engineer, but the passion and an amateur. I am a trained multimedia specialist and take pleasure in teaching and wish. Well, this course is for children, adults and seniors. Basically, for anyone who is interested in animation and passionate about it.

If you are a student, you will be able to express your ideas more efficiently. If you are a professional, you can use animations in your presentations. Again, if you're a senior just interested in animation, you will have a lot of fun with creating a moving cartoon. After this course, you will be able to create interesting and effective animations in 2d here. I will introduce you to a very simple But how could animation package it is a very basic 2d animation package, which you can easily download from the internet. There are not too many tools to confuse you, maybe just a dozen commence the master.

I have taken special care so that even a slow learner can catch up easily. My presentation is slow. So even if you're from a country where English is not spoken, you can easily understand what I say. I will walk you through the course step by step so that you won't miss anything in the process. What you see on your screen is the package. You can see there are hardly half a dozen foods like selection, brush, razor, paint, bucket, etc.

User interface is simple and fun to look at. Even if you don't have a digital pen, just with a mouse, you can create great stuff. So friends, come join me in this fantastic journey of animation. I promise it will be a lot of fun and will remain so for the rest of your life. Cheers.

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