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Digital Animation, multilayer

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 5 video lessons
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Hello guys, this Kasia from cache animation. In this last lesson, we look into advanced h remember one thing admission is nothing but a sequence of images shown rapidly at a particular speed called framerate in olden days or traditional animation, we had a frame rate of 12 that is 12 frames per second. Currently because of computers we have frame rates to differ or 30. The higher number of frame rate means a smoother animation. computers do a lot of work they create a lot of in betweens. So, we can afford to have more frames or more in betweens or higher frame rates.

Now, here we have your body buttons will come to them as we progress Yeah, we have art library, where you can keep your characters on backgrounds, you can load them before you start animation. Of course, you can create animation here also. But generally, you can have prior created or previously created characters or backgrounds in this library. So you can load the library by clicking this organized button. So here you have on the left side my projects that is, this is my project wall. We can choose a folder.

My project vault is in addition, I have this additional project called you can change it Rajat called also. So let us see what else we have here. In the installation folder of your animation ish. You have an urgent issue Oh, howdy sosus. In the sources, you have projects home and library in library have three. You have three folders, that is admittedly samples, backgrounds or each status.

So you can load any of this folder here, and then you click one file Here, this is great because this file is already there on the site on the library. So you click on one file and click this button so that this file is loaded into library and you can use in your animation. Similarly, you can use odd you can load both folders backgrounds a starters is samples or your urine project Walt also you can load here. So let me go back to my project was a project called ease in the animation is. So that's how you can load your library here. So, let us start off with some simple animation using the new tools at the sticker price Allah destroy ball.

Now the live center to this frame, you click this one the center you can see if you the center center is a bit offset so I will shift it just check again okay that is it. Now here in this third level of advanced these you have here the zoom to zoom in. So with zoom you can draw better and more accurately. So let us delete it because something We painted and here this button you see the total frame view. So, this is the ball has this drawn. Now this drawing is created in foreground here you have this is the timeline.

Here you have two layers, one is the background layer and one is the word grounding in more professional packages, you'll have many layers you can create in professional packages you can create as many layers as you want. Here we have only two So, this drawing is created in the first frame. Now here this button adds exposure. Exposure means giving time on the timeline increasing the same right in other frames so let's increase the exposure. So this ball will be visible till the frames are run now is shifting the ball. Yeah This button is called the transform button transformer 10 in your mo creates a keyframe is a button to create a new keyframe, but with transform automatically release in the wind where the cursor is on the timeline.

Now let us go to background and create a table. It's not black, so we can zoom in with this button and zoom out with this right. So let us zoom in. We can pan with this click this dude. This is and so now that you can see properly closer, zoom out a little we can correct Make it better it is the portion which we don't want and reset view. So, let us color the group table we just made the grid is a table.

Now this table is in background no background and foreground drawings are separate. You go to second frame you can see the ball but not the table because the exposure is not there. So, let us increase the exposure of table also to 50 let us use Transform tool on the ball go to fame 10 Move the ball here. So, once you move you get a keyframe there and all these lines there intermediate frames drawn by the computer. So that is called Digital animation. In previously in lesson two, we have done cel animation where you had to do or where you had to create our drop all the frames.

Here the computer does the in betweens, let us go to 20 and shift it or go to 30 down 35 artiphys goes up button you can see what is beyond the frame also. So our ball is out of the frame. So let's go to frame one or P frame here. Let us zoom in, use a ban and use the Transform tool to take the ball out of the free let us know if we play Here now what is happening is the ball is not touching the floor. So we have to adjust those key creams at the stop here The floor is not touching so you have to go to the transform just touches the floor like crazy likewise you're also here Yeah, we should come down to look let's see this the Select tool and so, that is how you create know here's something unnatural is happening.

So, let us fix it he came to see me here if you see the path The path has to be straight here once it comes down let it roll and then fall. So, here you need more keyframes, so that you can iron this out. So, let us do one Keep them here as a key and This removes removes the key which is there. So, here you can make it keep him also you have to state so the bot is proper now, we have keyframes here and here let us know here, right volley, you can make it rotate also. So when you scrub on the timeline rotates and in this case, it does rotate further. Stop now.

So this filing need more rotation here so that it looks as if it is only yeah zoom out. Let us play and see So, that is how you use a background layer and the photo layer for your character. Now let us take something from the library and create our animation sharing library. Let us pick this Hello fly and just pull it into the brain. Now, this character has three fields within within it know how in the world copy all the themes to clipboard Ctrl C and then go to fourth frame and press Ctrl V like that you copy these frames you this type nine. So we have this guy flying and exposure is 39.

Now let us go to the background select the background from here, say space and load it no these are pre created and standard With animation he can use them or do trials. So background if you go to frame two background is missing that means exposure is not there. So, let us go to frame and increase the exposure to 39 know if you see if you play all the frames to 39 the background is available now, it is go to foreground and take the Translate button make this guy small and let us zoom out. Fellow de creme you Vocal frame translate into the frame 320 will go to frame 2340 out displayed See? Let us reset WC is working on oh this guy is laying on moon or something. So that is the way you can use pre created characters and backgrounds using your library.

You can load the library as I told you before. Now let us create something new. In lesson two, if you remember we created one guy whom I have loaded into my library, let us pull him into the frame. Be sure that you are in the foreground, first frame. This is the guy and the walk cycle is eight frames at a click the first frame shift click the last called C for copy. And let us paste Ctrl V so that we get that proper exposure in 48.

The guy he's lucky. This guy is taken from a project called from project what we have loaded into the library from libraries we have taken. Now we need it back. So you have to stop him. What is the past frame to the bathroom? Yeah, remember, there is an important button.

You can import a graphic from your computer. So let us import a graphic now. Let's take this one Let's stick this one the graphic is important but it's not fitting. So let us make it fit into the frame properly to see me Oh exposure we need to increase increase exposure by this baton go fluckey eight display and see a guy's walking like he's not moving from the place maybe it's too big so we have to set it so there to stop putting the first frame make sure that you are in the ground then Take this Transform tool and make him smaller and put him in the mission was he shown here can make you buy this mod and go to the 48 to the other side of the screen maybe out of the house you want to see the last name so he can pull him out so that he appears as it is I mean to the camera, you see guys walking.

They said that you know, your background as a graphic. The character you have created is walking across this chain the position the end position data like this big this big hire. Also that is taking the CIT w select to play Now that we have created our character, if you remember we have created actually only eight frames for this character and rest of 40 frames is done by the computer all those in betweens. So, let us export it. So, here this export move button you can make movies with which you can host on Facebook or YouTube also to your friends. Let us make a QuickTime movie.

Good to name l three, lesson three and C is exporting only 40 frames so, it Faster. Let us play the movie and see how it looks out. So here it is comm l three secret time movie. So we're running a QuickTime movie. You should have a pretend player. Otherwise, you have to make an API so that you can run easy on Windows Movie Fs we'll get to move on is the movie have created?

So that is it, guys. We come to the end of the course now. I suggest you create your own animations. You can share it with me on my page geesh animation on Facebook. My comments are even here you can ask your doubts. If you guys are interested I will teach you more professional package wherein you can have background music as well as dialogues put in, in different layers in professional packages, the number of layers is not limited.

You can have as many layers as you want the timeline and you have special effects also. Okay guys, have fun Bye

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