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Cell Animation

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 5 video lessons
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Hello guys is Kasia from cache admission. In lesson two, we look into flip the central button and get into this. Yeah in the book we have number of frames is not limited to three, we can go on adding any number of frames we want. So here this fact delete the current frame. These are current frame, delete. Here's a blank frame actually.

So we are the first frame and here this one will duplicate the current one In the same guy you saw in both defense we have now same guy which helps in saving time, very needy, not great everything which is handy here is simply copy and make a new and this button here is the speed slider. So this is the slow speed is the normal speed and you can make it run faster. We'll come to it later. Now this button here is the current frame. So, click this gone. This is great because you cannot leave the first frame.

So minimum one frame is required to work A very simple animation for you guys. Still trying read some books or look into some videos for drying is good for admission now And the second thing we need the V down. let's duplicate the drawing the second frame. Now we have the same crime but in this time, we need the week down. So we selected sort of mirroring and rotate God and we need to close the ring also Secretary Lindsay Oh, we need the wing is in the middle position. So keep your focus on second frame and click this button insert blank and this inserts a blank in between one.

Now you see the previous drawing in red. The next drawing in green is the next time in between. So animation, we have actually keyframes that is one and three that the keyframes And we normally draw the in betweens are done by beginners and keyframes are done experienced animators so to create the in between the first frame and we'll just copy the body which is not changing. Let us copy this copy, you get the ring also which we don't want. So what we'll do is take the Selection Tool and press alter so that you can select only the portions you need a copy today Second, now we have to draw in every position I can see okay. Now when you're in the middle position, you can see the previous and the next stream that is because in settings that is edit preferences.

You have chosen one previous frame, one next frame and you enable the color shading so that the previous frame is right. The next frame is great. You can select more French also for previous import next, depending on your requirement. Now this animation looks a bit unnatural because the bird is pretty static. So we'll have to fix that. Put a second frame, bring the whole body a little down coaters third frame and bring it further down.

Notice he separate better. Right now here the tail is stiff. So we'll do a little motion to the tail. I'll say additional motion. Go to the second frame, select the shift the center and go to the third frame. Again Good to see you would know the motion is not uniform, because in the return journey of the wing, there is no in between there.

So we need to create another better motion. That will be nothing better duplicated the second frame. So we'll copy the whole frame right Get a new frame. And based on what you see in the ring is up, it's in the middle. Third it is down in the fourth. It is in the middle again.

So the motion is smooth. So that gives a better look. Before coloring, you need to do some cleanup. Let's take the eraser with the pressure off, increase the brush so that erasing is faster and better. And we'll get is this portion here which is All hidden body portions. We need to this extra reinforcement we have to delete the bottom body portion which is the invader to switch up the tree Go to the first Lipson calm for the body.

The body is all free Malcolm's doing different color Take a deep breath for the beat. So that is the boat with color. So here we have more than three frames you can go to any number you want. So that is our first animation now draw a human walk cycle create the character This is the head body. No, no no this is the first frame that is duplicated. Look at the second frame.

Again duplicate a third frame frame baby Walk we are trying ease. We are trying keyframes These are three keyframes left leg is down second keyframe. All right, let's move on. So, this one is this portion. Right leg is now in the third frame. Again the left click.

The third frame is nothing but the reputation of the first frame. So that completes two steps. Complete one walk cycle. So, this is no we do free now we have to create in betweens, we create one in between one into another frame between grade three. So, keep your focus on to click this button, insert blank frame. So, get the blank frame keep focus on for now and create another blank frame.

So now we have 40 frames iframes create to create then between two for the first frame that is copy that person the drawing which is not changing take the Select tool select only the portion you want Copy to Clipboard go to the second frame how to move it into the center and above. Because in the second frame, the left leg which was down which was a will become straight. So, the body is pushed up tried the leg, left leg and now the right leg will be in the transfer position like this. So, that is the in between is another one between three and five is the non changing portions During creation, draw the leg. Now the right leg becomes straight and the left leg is in transfer condition. So let us draw the left leg in cancer condition position.

One in retained earnings, the guys walking but the motion is very jerky. So to make it smoother we need to introduce more in betweens, we have to create more frames we greet each of these five frames I speed it up a little now so that you guys don't get bored. Stick in slow motion. Now we need to create I'm keeping the drawing very simple in the walk cycle, very simple for you to understand Keeping the handouts will stay in one single block one single stroke of the brush, so that it is easy to manipulate that is the hand copy the hand to the clipboard, so that you can paste on every frame. So, before putting the hand in position you need to shift the center. Now the left leg is in front.

So the left hand will be behind like this. No gradually, electron moves forward and are placed in position Speed up now. Here the left hand starts moving back. I'll explain see and push is okay is a slow motion we need to do a little cleaning for the left hand. Whatever he did lines really rub off. So that painting will be easier for us.

So that is clean. Similarly How to do the right hand. Just remember, the right hand is just opposite to the left hand position. The left hand is back at Wendy's fully powered, like this. And now slowly, the right hand moves back. I screwed up.

No. No, we need to clean up the right hand also. Legacy legacy in slow motion. Now we need to paint the guide first coilovers yeah to part ways you have to color him color the head or hair or all frames. Then take the next color on frame I screwed up now. Let us play and see now looks okay.

Now let us position all the drawings to the center with the frame five so far that you need to switch on the trees and bring the previous and next time to the center to this fellow. So let's go to the fourth one chooses the Justice matching and the ground is patching speed up dead center data split see no there is a small joke In the motion that is because the frames one and nine, one here and nine, they are the same. So we need to eliminate one frame for a perfect walk cycle we need only eight free will delete this one press this delete button go to the first we saw the trees and let us play so the guys walking want to see better slowing down the walk cycle guys. Now some homework for you Just remember You have to create the key frames first.

This is a block, this first frame, the second frame, fourth frame working the first frame, second frame. Third frame is the fourth frame, Ronnie, the skipper jumping the slow woman you can see better. I'm giving you a very simple animations to go this is called stick animation Moving, says Macon falls down, and this guy's fooling you slow motions like this. This is the key to displaying the prank. So you can tell stories also. But you'll have to go for larger number of frames.

You see you have about about 77 frames in this animation. So that is the homework. In your next lesson we'll have multiple layers in the timeline. This is the timeline All this line this line containing these frames here in the bottom is called the timeline. The third lesson you will have more layers including one background layer. Okay guys, see you

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