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Traits of Executive You: Part 3 - Relationship Building

Learn the important skills for relationship building to grow your professional careers.

Traits of Executive You: Part 3 - Relationship Building

Learn the important skills for relationship building to grow your professional careers.
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About the Class

Many financial professionals are not confident at relationship building in their professional careers. This course is designed to grow the confidence, ambition, and strategic influencing skills of high potential financial professionals in the business. The desired outcome is to establish strategic people networks across the organization and externally through stronger, deeper relationship building.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Assess and develop your own level of emotional and social intelligence
  • Learn to read body language and facial expressions to improve your empathetic response
  • Navigate the dangerous minefield of office politics
  • Make lasting first impressions that initiate positive, lasting long-term relationships
  • Have a conversation with anyone
  • Develop and proactive approach to establishing, building, and maintaining deep relationships with key contacts in your personal and professional lives


Blair Cook

Corporate Executive, Director, and CFO Thoughtleader
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Having worked across diverse companies at the highest executive and board levels, Blair brings an unparrelled perspective to matters of finance. Whether it's learning the basic principles of accounting and finance or it's formulating strategies to transform an organization, Blair's collection of experiences, best practices, and lessons learned...

Class Requirements

  • Prerequisite Education: None
  • Prerequisite Experience: Managerial experience
  • Prerequisite Preparation: None

What's Included

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 46 minutes
8 Videos
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