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What does being an Organic Leader mean?

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Okay, so in the last lecture, we took a closer look at the role that self efficacy beliefs play in in our capacity to become the most effective leader we can be, and in particular, becoming a great organic leader the role of confidence, responsibility and conviction. Now, we're going to take a look more closely at what being an organic leader actually means. What are the key characteristics or attributes? What are the behaviors that a, an organic leader demonstrates that distinguishes them from being an empowering and engaging leader and certainly is a very big step forward from being a command and control style leader in the 20th century. So it's summed up in this mnemonic that we've labeled dancer, so she or he is a dancer, as described by those words there, which we'll come back to in a second. But before we move into the specifics, what those attributes are Think a little bit about what being a dancer actually means at a higher level.

They're somebody who's typically very nimble, they're passionate. They're agile, flexible, they are credibly committed and hard working. Because you know that the practice that's required the role modeling this required feedback and coaching that people get. So it doesn't necessarily always come easily. But then it's a case of refining your art, putting the science and the practice into becoming better at what you do. That's really what we like about the title.

The answer as a way of making it easy for you to refer to when you're out there practicing your leadership skills in the future, that you've always got something easy to come back, and reference. So let's look at those specific words that are they're so determined in dairy It goes with the territory of being a leader that you have to be, you have to persevere. It always doesn't come naturally. And you if you're trying to achieve an objective, it's worth working towards, need to bring people along the journey with you. So that's the determined part. daring is about courage, no great leaders have to go against the flow sometimes and take some risks.

So there is some daring, measured perhaps. But the risk required is the reward from taking the risk is what great leadership really embodies. Being aware and being authentic. Self Awareness is an incredibly important attribute in leadership. And we'll refer back to that in subsequent lecture, as well as being authentic. Nothing works better than a leader who's genuine in terms of inspiring people's confidence and willingness to follow them in their role.

So all were an authentic, intuitive and inspiring little bit of license there that we brought in. But intuitive is that you do not actually kind of trust your instincts a little bit. There is certainly a need to measure that and some process you mentioned not just constantly going with your gut feeling about it. But but having a sense of what you feel is right as well as what you know is right is actually important characteristic. Inspiring kind of goes without saying good leadership does inspire people and inspires them, not just to follow but to actually take new directions that will support your organization going forward. Being caring and creative.

Caring implies empathy, which we know is a an emotional intelligence and which is a very important characteristic of good leadership. Research shows that it actually makes a significant difference in people's leadership, performance evaluations. Being creative well With all the changes that we're facing, as I outlined earlier, we need to be creative come up with solutions on how we're actually going to address the challenges that we're facing as leaders in the workplace. Empowering and energizing, the empowering we is, is one of the ongoing characteristics of being having an empowering leadership sort of style. But it's important to to embrace that word within the overall theme of being a dancer. Because it's something we can't let go of.

We actually it is a word but it's actually about letting go so that we can actually help others achieve what we otherwise would be holding them back from being able to do in their own right. And energizing helping people to find meaning in their work, helping to give them the direction that they then want to be self sufficient to move forward. Then the final two are resilient and reflective. leadership's hard and organizational life and challenges are difficult. So be resilient, and it's about dusting yourself off and, and going again. And reflection.

As I indicated in the earlier slide, when we're talking about a lecture, we're talking about the importance of self reflection needing to self regulation, we need to take stock every so often we need to stop, see where we are, where we need to go, what we could do differently, what could do better. And that's going to help us achieve our ambitions to be a great organic leader over time. So that's the overarching view of what our organic leadership is all about and what what it is to be a dancer. In the next five, we're going to introduce the learning outcomes for the course and then we'll get stuck into some of the details of the course in subsequent lectures after that. Thanks very much

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