Content and Learning Objectives

4 minutes
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Welcome to the last of the introductory lectures to the the organic leader learning to lead from within. So far, we've learned a little bit about the course overall bit about me and my background to be your guide to becoming an organic leader. We've talked a little bit about the educational platform that we use with social cognitive theory and in particular the role beliefs play in being able to become a truly effective organic leader. And then we've taken a look at what organic leadership means with with the term dancer. So in this last lecture, we'll have a little bit about the course itself and how its structured, where some of the contents actually come from, and then specifically, what are the learning outcomes you'll expect to achieve? Results of working way through the the organic leader learning to lead from within course.

So the course itself started. The original idea from it started from scratch education accreditation as a chartered Management Institute in the UK provider, we run a course there called leading yourself and we decided that it would be a great opportunity to expose a much wider audience through you to me on on what that content is. Because the content that was form sort of a core part of that course, is aligned to the standards required if when you want me to become a chartered manager at some future stage in your career, we've been embellished that content with a range of curated videos and readings and Ted Talks, things that we've found that we think are really quintessentially important parts of how to support your learning journey as an as an organic leader. And so that's really where the where the course content is Vikas has began its life and how we've now embellished it to be used in this course here with you to me, as far as the modules themselves go after this interaction model there, there are four, there's one that the first one is really about, why should it matter?

Why would you want to learn how to become an organic leader? Then there's two modules that take a look at what are the skills of inorganic leaders gone. And then finally, there's how to actually apply some of the some of those skills and practice back in the workplace. So why, what and then how it's going to share my screen now and show you the the overall learning objectives for the course. We're starting with you know, What are leadership styles and one of these styles isn't organic leader. But there's a range of other styles that people have adapted over the years used over the years.

And so you need to understand what what what your choices are, in terms of leading yourself and leading from within. You need to know a little bit more about what your leadership story is. So that you can engage with people and talk about where you've come from, in an authentic way. need to understand a little bit more about what the difference between being a leader is versus what being a manager is for the words the difference between leading and managing that they are different, but they coexist in a nice way. To understand a bit more about, you know, why do leadership styles need to be adapted in different situations? Why can't you just be a one size fits all leader?

It is about being adaptable and able to change according to circumstances. And then finally, know how once you recognize that you do need to change from time to time how do you actually go about doing that and in particular, How'd you do that in a way that's going to help you help your team. So without further ado, I think you want to dive into some of the some of the content now. So after this lecture, you'll be going into module one, and I'll look forward to sharing some more insights on what it takes to be an organic leader learning to lead from within come in future.

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