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We've reached the end, congratulations on hanging in there with me and seeing what it takes to learn to lead from within and become an organic leader. And as we talked about from the beginning, it's about developing a deeper understanding of yourself and at that high level of self awareness, that ability to develop a better understanding of of your preferred style as a leader, and the differences between management and leadership and come out you can all bring that all together and become a truly organic leader, which we believe is the role model for success in leadership in the 21st century. In in coming weeks, we're going to be developing some additional courses on learning to lead teams lead, how to lead others and leading also how to manage yourself better, which study more practical element to it then learning to me from within. And then finally also, of course on managing teams, same idea, more practical approach, focusing on the managerial side of what you need to do as opposed to the, to the leadership side.

So I sincerely hope you got your great value from the course I've really enjoyed developing it and presenting it and I look forward to welcome welcoming you to future courses as they become available. Thanks very much for your attention.

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