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Leading and managing: Overlapping definitions

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So welcome to this the final lecture in Section four. The differences between managing and leading were more on the similarities between management leading that focus on if you like, differences. But to start with, I wanted to give you this quote from one of my favorite philosophers that an oriental person, the name of lao shu, which you may know, but it really underlines and reinforces the theme for this course. And Lao Tzu says, He who knows others is wise, but he who knows himself is enlightened. And I think, again, that just really heightens and illustrates for me the fact that this is really starting with the focus on self awareness, and then we moved into a focus on leadership style. And now we're looking at how He or perhaps more correctly these days, she knows herself as being enlightened.

And that is with respect to what the differences are in your leadership style versus what your your management style would be. And that's what draws on this differences and similarities between managers, leaders. So to some extent, you know, good managers and good leaders have sets of skills and attributes that overlap because essentially, it's about combining those two core skill sets into how you can actually create business focus and people power empowerment at the same time. But what my experience says to me from years of working within and observing organizations is that many of them struggle to get really good at both management and leadership. Quite a few are good into leadership. Quite a good few are good at the management but integrating them in a appropriate and complementary ways is can be very difficult.

Leaders may get a bit too focused on the people empowerment side of things, which we talked a little bit earlier, or managers get a bit too focused on the tasks that are required and, and are leaders by being so focused on the empowerment side, don't spend enough time on focusing on the tasks. And conversely, managers who are too focused on the task don't spend enough time on the people empowerment. So getting, you know, getting the balance of those two things right is is tricky and takes time and experience. In some cases, job titles are often used somewhat interchangeably. You might have someone who's called a project manager, or they could be called a project lead. What does that mean?

You know, are they is one focus more on the task and one's more focused on the people? Or is it just simply that people haven't put much thought into it and they're just putting a title there for the sake of Putting a title I actually think that it matters to think more carefully about are you in a leadership role in what you're doing or are you actually in more of a management role, irrespective of whether you see yourself as primarily a manager or leader and in this course, we're very much focusing on what an organic leader does and how they have to learn to lead from within, you will need to have a balance of both hard and soft skills. Now good leadership may be more focused on the people and empowerment side and the inspirational vision, energizing component of, of bringing people along on your journey, but without any of the hard skills on the operational focus, objectives, planning etc.

It'll be difficult to achieve, what your your goals are what actually put your vision, make your vision become a reality. And conversely, managers need to lighten up, so to speak and think about what they're solving. Go speed up. So that all that concludes the section on you know managing versus leading, I hope you've got some greater clarity now on what being a leader is versus what being a manager is. And in the in the final section, there's a quiz that's going to give you a chance to really look at some words and categorize them as to whether it's more management word or more of a leadership board and I think that will help you to to ground where you're at with things. So look forward to seeing you in the concluding section.

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