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How well do you know YOUR style?

2 minutes
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So in Section three, we looked extensively at the different types of leadership style that are available to you as a leader. And I just wanted to recap those main ones that we spoke about earlier. Now that you're at the tail end of the course, it's a really good time to sit back and reflect on what you've learned and really get grounded around how these concepts work and how you can apply them in your day to day work as a as a leader currently, or as an emerging leader in the years to come. So the first style that we kind of talked about any like was the authentic style, which focuses on being genuine, honest and importantly, trustworthy. And, and this is the one where I think living your values and practicing what you preach stands out the most. It's directly relevant to becoming an organic leader.

But it's that that sentence That this is a leader who I can, I can trust. And that's what really distinguishes, I think, authentic leadership. The second leadership style we spoke about was the personality behavior one. And in that style, it's about, you know, what's your sort of native personality or natural behavior, your sort of default approach to doing things based on, you know, how you were born and socialized, if you like early in your life. And in that style of leadership, it's about emphasizing your strengths, knowing what they are, as well as minimizing your weaknesses and actually learning how to overcome those weaknesses through practice and actually modify your behavior appropriately. In the third leadership style, we looked at the situational one, it's about being very aware of the environment you operate within and how you as a leader need to adjust your style to meet those circumstances, as opposed to other people, following your kind of default style, whatever that might be.

And in that case, it's about Delta. Gaining, supporting, directing and or coaching people. And then finally, the last leadership style we looked at was the action center one, where the focus is on creating a balance between the needs that relate to the task and the group as well as the individual, and how you can actually get those three things in alignment. So that each set of needs is being catered for. And that ultimately, you're able to achieve what you need to achieve what you'd be charged with as a leader within your organization, whether it's the team or the department, or at a more senior level. So those are the three those are the four leadership styles I want you to keep in mind.

And as you finish this course off, think about which one of those is your match, feel most comfortable with? Which one you might need to focus on a little bit more to in order to improve your, your sweet spot as a leader and take it all from there.

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