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Introduction to The Organic Leader: Learning to lead from within

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This lecture introduces you to "Learning to Lead from Within" and includes some background on me as your instructor. Besides being an experienced academic and executive, I'm a co-founder of Switch Education for Business which is an approved provider of the Chartered Management Institute in the UK.


Hello there, and thanks for joining me welcome. I'm absolutely delighted that you're able to come to this course and to be your guide in learning how to become an organic leader. This course is going to provide you with the foundational knowledge you need to become a better leader of self, a better leader to learn by learning how to lead from within, and really gonna set you up for success as a 21st century leader. So first of all introductions, who am I? So my name is Dr. Richard Carter. I'm an experienced managing educator and leadership development advisor having been doing this for about 25 years, and I've taught at universities around the world including in North America, Australia, European and Asia.

I'm also an experienced executive, having worked in the retail and hospitality industry for a number of years. And for that experience, combined with my academic background, Lucky recognizes A fellow of the charter Management Institute in the UK, which is where switch education is based. So I'm looking forward to sharing both by academic and professional experience with you and hopefully set you on the course to becoming a great leader here in the 21st century. Marriage original experience and career was in the hospitality industry. And I was I've long been interested in this whole concept of workplace empowerment and how we can become empower leaders in our own right. In the hospitality industry, if anyone have worked in it, you know, being an empowering leader and empowering employees is crucial to success.

And I've often wondered why other industries are perhaps a bit slower to pick up on that approach to management leadership, that's beginning to change. And certainly I've become encouraged to see how people are embracing if you like, what I refer to as a 20th century, empower Engage approach to leadership and starting to go away from the old 20th century command and control approach to leadership. However, now gone one step further through my business partner, Cassie Kim, with this great idea for what I think captures the essence of what being a successful 21st century leader is, and that's to call what we're now referring to as an organic leader. Well, there are elements of being an organic leader that still draw on the traditions of being an empowered, engaging leader. It's the sort of it's the mindset and the approach you're going to need to be successful going forward, given the challenges that globalization, digital disruption, the introduction of artificial intelligence, changing workforce needs, with the millennial generation etc.

So the word organic leadership's really I think, where where it's going from here, and I'll tell you about that a little bit more shortly. On our next video, what I want to give you a bit of a flavor for is the educational approach that we use to build our This course and other courses that we provide is a little different from some of the other approaches you may be playing with from educational perspective. So hold on to that thought. We back with you shortly. And I really, really look forward again to for you joining me on this journey on learning how to become an organic leader by learning how to lead from within. See you soon.

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