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Great leadership begins with Self-Leadership

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In this lecture, we're going to continue on the same of self awareness. And we're going to start with the idea that many of us when we come into leadership have a particular view of who we are and what our role is as a leader, and how it's about if it's not having about power over others, but it's actually sort of be the center of attention, someone who is directing traffic and making things happen and, and doing some sort of rah rah stuff along the way. What I've learned over the years of working with a variety of leaders is that the best and most effective leaders are those who actually spend some time becoming really, really good at not leading others, but starting with the premise that they need to be good at leading themselves. And by leading themselves effectively. What the term would be use here is self leadership.

Those that are good at self leadership, are actually then the people who are the most effective leading others because they're really in touch with who they are in the first place. And others respond to that, and are therefore far more willing to follow and work with and be part of leadership journey that the leader in, in focus is following. So, self leadership starts with self awareness. And invariably, we as leaders have these moments where we have this idea of what we're trying to accomplish, and then that clashes with the reality of the environment that we're operating within. And so, in that, in those moments, it becomes even more crucial to be able to lead ourselves correctly, because if we always have this safe place that we can come back to where we go. Here's the challenge.

I mean, I'm not sure that the followers are going to respond, but I do know that if I stay true to my own data, And if I, if I practice what I preach as a leader, eventually we'll be able to work our way through the issues and come out the other side and I will be able to demonstrate my effectiveness as a leader overall. So besides self awareness as a tool to become to develop that deeper insight into your own ability to be to lead yourself and this concept of self leadership. The second tool is self reflection. And the process of self reflection, just spoken about before is a critical facet in terms of being able to get that deeper sense of who you are in terms of your search for self awareness. self reflection, promotes the ability to be able to stick with the things that you want to stick with, even if you find them challenging to do.

And that leads to being able to self regulate your behavior in a way that's appropriate and effective. As a leader going forward so self leadership starts with self awareness is then follows with a level of self reflection, which in turn allows you to self regulate your behavior going forward. Now, I've been talking about these things for some years. And then in preparing for this course, I came across a video by a guy named Lars Suman from Belgium. And he was saying the same things. It's really really good and and confirming, I suppose, to have somebody else speak about the same experiences as far as what it takes to become good at self leadership and in turn become sort of authentic leader and ultimately the organic leader Do you want to be so at the end of this lecture, you'll see there's a link and if you have time to watch Lars, do a TED talk on the importance of self leadership.

I think that'll be a good way for you to reinforce the key concepts that I spoke about. This lecture. I look forward to seeing you again shortly.

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