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Understanding your Leadership Story

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What these moments do these crucible moments is that they help to define who we are, when we so we go through a process of self awareness and self reflection, we really understand who we are, what our values are, and therefore what our leadership style might be. And to help you understand who you naturally are as a leader, and how you're going to be able to use those attributes towards being a more effective leader in the dynamic world that we live in is when you're in charge of organizations who are in charge of teams within or within organizations. So take a moment just to think about what might be the two or three key moments in your life that have perhaps defined who you are as a leader today, or what your approach to leadership might actually be? And to what extent are those there then three ways to To look at those, in many cases, people actually have had bad experiences in some way.

And they sometimes end up projecting their hostility and their anger about those bad situations onto others rather than addressing what has to be followed them along the way. So, do you have any moments in your life that have been career and leadership? impact clear impact on your leadership capacity and your effectiveness? And are you actually projecting any level of hostility or anger that you need to address in some way, shape or form? Alternatively, you may have had a life defining event as a leader or in your leadership development journey, which you actually haven't gotten in touch with. You've chosen to sort of hide it if you like, and, and not it might be almost too Deep an experience for you to be able to address it from an emotional point of view.

And so you've chosen to sweep it under the carpet and, and not deal with the emotions that come along with it. So that's going to then hold you back from being as authentic as you need to be in order to be a truly effective leader in the 21st century into embrace and embody the idea of becoming an organic leader. Or Thirdly, if if you've experienced that level of either anger or that level of non emotion, have you reached a point with those crucible moments where you've actually engaged with it, and you've taken time to explore and even if it was a negative experience of some sort, you've been able to perhaps reframe it in some way that will help serve your purpose and allow you to talk about your leadership story in a meaningful, dialogic way with the people you interact with. In your role as a leader moving forward.

So that's the crux of the crossable of the crucible, if you like, which is to say what are those life defining moments how they affected you in terms of projecting anger in terms of hiding your emotion, or eventually, hopefully, being able to actually engage with that experience. So you can reframe it, see what you took away from it in a positive light, and then be able to use that to energize yourself and your self leadership as well as energize the people and also just the people you work with your role as and capacity as a leader. And if you'd like this idea of, of crucibles, I'd encourage you to watch the external resource that's attached to this lecture, which goes into that in more detail than I'm covering off here. So as I said, that's this is the last lecture in section two And the will now be opening up section three, we're going to talk more about having built this base of understanding software's going to look for deeply into the subject of leadership styles and and what that means for you.

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