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About the Class

Learn the secrets to developing your intuition with real-world advice and exercises from 9 experts in the fields of intuition, science, and business.

Hi, my name is Ray Adler, and I created the Improving Your Intuition video and course. In 1995, I learned about the “Intuition at Work” conference in Denver. Many of the instructors there were Ph.D. ’s or had other impressive credentials (see below). I was able to ask them to describe how they go about improving their intuition and using it to make decisions. I interviewed them and created a video, and then this course from those interviews. 

What will you learn in this course?

  • Learn to make smart decisions that feel right
  • Spark your creativity and innovation
  • See how you can use intuition for success in business and investing

The 9 people interviewed for this course will teach you:

  • How to strengthen and use your intuition
  • Creative problem solving and decision-making exercises
  • How to be intuitive for others
  • How to use intuition in career planning
  • How to apply intuition in business
  • Know the difference between Impulse and Intuition
  • How intuitive messages are received and how to interpret those images or messages

The Improve Your Intuition video has been selling since 1997 and has sold over 10,000 copies! The video has been used in seminars since 1999 to Stock Traders, and can help you with any decision! We re-mastered the video and added new segments and chapters to create the course.

Now you may be saying: "Intuition, either you have it or you don’t." That’s true. Some people are more intuitive. But the video includes lots of techniques and exercises that will assist you in connecting with your intuition. So you can find what works best for you. Intuition can come in many forms like an image, a "still small voice," a dream or a gut feeling. The course will help you figure out how to interpret your images or feelings and help you connect the dots from hunch to decision.

Included is a report titled "How to Improve Your Intuition and Make Better Decisions" that has much of the information written for you. Day traders and business people have been using this video for years. If you're interested in trying to hone your psychic abilities, this course would be a good beginning for you as well.

Here are your first tips.

  1. Learn to be an observer of people and situations.
  2. Understand the difference between impulse and intuition.
  3. Meditate

The teachers.

Alan Vaughan Ph.D. – Alan stunned many in the field of parapsychology in 1968 when he wrote an urgent letter from Germany warning of the impending assassination of Robert F.  Kennedy—just weeks before the actual event. He is an internationally known authority on the intuitive phenomenon, precognition, and prophetic dreams. He has written numerous books and scientifically demonstrated such skills as solving crimes, finding sunken ships, remote viewing,  telepathy, and precognition.a

Ann McGee Cooper Ed.D – has been called a visionary and a catalyst for the transformation of American business. She applies her understanding of the mind and its potential to countless companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. While on the faculty at Purdue University, she participated in research with post-doctoral students in science and engineering to awaken their latent creativity. Ann was a pioneer at a time when it was generally believed that creativity could not be taught. Ann proved that it could. She is the author of “You Don’t Have To Go Home From Work Exhausted”  and “Time Management For Unmanageable People.” Ann is a well Known creative problem-solving specialist and business consultant.

Gary Markoff – Vice president of Smith Barney Inc. in Boston. Gary was named in Money Magazines 15th Anniversary issue as “One of the Top Stockbrokers in America.”

Nancy Rosanoff – is the author of “Intuition Workout” and has conducted numerous intuition training programs.

Marcia Emery Ph.D. – has been teaching intuitive development for decades and is the author of “Dr. Emery’s Intuition Workbook.“

Sharon Franquemont – is the author of “You Already Know What To Do” and has been the featured trainer in “Intuition Magazine.”

Edith Jurka MD – is a board trained psychiatrist and creator of the “Wind Song Center” that helps already successful people add to their capacities.

Henry Reed, Ph.D. – has published several research articles and popularized books on dreams and intuition. Henry is a well-known intuition trainer.

Bill Taggart Ph.D. – is a professor of management at Florida International University. Bill has created a variety of intuitive assessment tools and training exercises.

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