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About the Class

2020 Kingdom Warriors: The Ultimate Meditation Guide

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind that ye may prove what is the good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God (YAH). (Romans 12:2)

2020 Kingdom Warriors was created while I recovered from a traumatic brain injury (TBI). I rebranded the name of The Ultimate Meditation guide to 2020 Kingdom Warriors because I realized that we are fighting a spiritual war to manifest God's Kingdom in the Earth. Our compulsory public education system, religious leaders, political leaders, the news and social media proves that there is a war over our minds and if we're not willing to create our individual God-given kingdom vision someone else will create a vision for us that doesn't serve us and have us building their empire instead of manifesting God's Kingdom. The eight powerful guided visualizations will help you to make a paradigm shift to take back what the enemy of your mind has stolen from you and begin manifesting what's best for you.

I can't make you any promises because you have to do the deep inner-work, but all eight of the digital downloads provide guidance and absolute clarity to align you with your kingdom vision. If you're anything like me you need to get balanced to dissolve your ego and your hidden blocks while exposing your blind spots to crush generational strongholds. Through mediation, we can make tiny adjustments to connect to the will of our creator and make good of the results as we trust where the creator of the universe is guiding us.

Faith has a dichotomy and scientifically the results are variables of quantitative energy based on our individual beliefs, so the results do vary based on your belief system (b.s.). Whether you believe me or not the results are reflective every day of our life. As for me, I believe in YAH's words and I aligned my life to his words and got proven results just like his words say in Habakkuk 2:2-3.

Now unto him, that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. (Ephesians 3:20) The answer to everything you need is within you because the ancient of days is within you if you believe. The ultimate meditation guide helps you to make a kingdom connection and begin manifesting God's glory in your life.

How long have you been thinking about working for someone else? We have been trained since primary education to work for someone else instead of learning how to manifest our kingdom vision into fruition as an entrepreneur.

Limiting beliefs are strongholds which over time will manifest itself as negative patterns, habits, behaviors, migraines, pain, discomfort, dis-ease, doubt, fear, depression, stress, PTSD, anxiety, sickness, cancer, and the list goes on and on before it results in death and death can be physical death or the death of your dreams.

Limiting beliefs are distractions that sabotage our success and leave us off track, out of balance, broke and broken and sick and tired of being sick and tired, literally. We have to crush b.s. at the root because everything starts with a root including our thoughts. That's why there is and always has been a war over our minds. If our thoughts and words are spoiled we cannot bear good fruit. Also, if the fertile words we read and hear aren't sown on the fertile ground we will not bear good fruit. Our thoughts create a vibration that manifests into words and those words turn into things because everything has a magnetic vibrating energy field that produces something. The highest YAH has already created everything we need. It's in the universe waiting for you to raise your vibrations to a higher level of consciousness and manifest your heart's desire onto your path and into fruition.

2020 Kingdom Warriors is the ultimate meditation guide to help you become your best self in 8 mindset hacks otherwise known as shifts.

When you understand that thought and an emotional marriage creates the feelings you need to manifest miracles or change in your life, meditation will become a technique you would not want to live without. Not because I said it, but because we are supposed to meditate on YAH's words day and night to make ourselves prosperous and have good success. I noticed that when I meditate I actually get more done with less physical exertion because I'm moved by the spirit.

So get ready to banish lack and limitations, doubt and fear, negative patterns and behaviors, and pull down the mental chatter of self-sabotaging beliefs implanted from other people's limited thinking and belief systems. We can prove YAH at his word to taste and see that he is good.

Get ready to connect with the source of your strength and enlarge your energy for personal growth in multiple areas of your life and essential business development. Manifesting God's kingdom is essential.

Are you prepared and positioned to prosper during this unprecedented time?

We can humbly prove the word of the highest to be his will for us and manifest his Shekhinah (Glory) and kingdom in us and in the earth collectively. Meditating on his word-aligned me with my life's work while recovering from severe brain and spine injuries.

There is a time for everything in life and everything in our world has balance and when we're out of balance our lives will fall apart. Even our magnetic vibrational energy fields need to harmonize with the universe to manifest results. A balanced energy field results in manifested desires from our heart and here’s more biblical proof.

As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. (Proverbs 23:7) We literally attract what we think in our hearts.

We are body, mind, and spirit and as metaphysical beings, our spirits relate to something called a magnetic energy field and energy balance. Scientifically we are mass equivalence energy otherwise known as matter. We are E=mc2 and we matter and so does our feelings. Negative energy balance is out of line or out of alignment and a positive energy balance is in line with or creates alignment. My positive energy balance allowed me to shift my paradigm which shifted my trauma into more triumphant days.

Are you ready to get balanced?

When we are out of balance everything from our metabolism, to our hormonal balance and our moods are impacted. This not only affects our health it literally affects our environments. We have the electric brain power and electric energy in our hearts to literally alter our environments. You are the only person who can activate your power and unlock your hidden potential through meditation. That's why meditation is so powerful and this is why there has been a war over our minds.

Are you ready to gain 2020 vision to break the chains of limited thinking?

Are you ready to diffuse and deflect the mental chatter of other people's perspective of you and how you should live your life?

Are you ready to learn how to move from struggle into strength utilizing your spirit as you meditate on the word of God?

Can you imagine what time freedom, financial freedom, choice freedom, and emotional freedom feels like?

What will you learn in this course?

  • How to banish fear, doubt and limiting beliefs
  • How to rapidly manifest your optimal body
  • How to manifest multiple income streams
  • How to manifest your dream career within 90 days
  • How to gain access to ancient wisdom through a re-birthing process
  • How to rapidly manifest your primary relationship with ease
  • How to manifest your ideal social life
  • How to integrate multiple versions of yourself to become your best self within 90 days

I imagine connecting to kingdom building entrepreneurs doing extraordinary things for the kingdom of the highest YAH. If you're ready for changing download the 2020 Kingdom Warriors Ultimate Meditation Guide and prepare for your transformation.


Leah R Evans

Providing Transformative Solutions
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My name is Leah R Evans and I’m the founder of FIRST & CROWN SOLUTIONS formely known as A Unique Brand, LLC. I provide transformative solutions to help everyday Entrepreneurs dissolve their hidden blocks, expose their blind spots and move forward in their kingdom purpose through Personal Growth and Development strategies. My signature mindset...

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Level: All levels
Duration: 4 hours 59 minutes
9 Videos
10 Documents
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