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This course was created while I recovered from a traumatic brain injury, often referred to as a TBI. The eight powerful guided visualizations created positive energy balance and rapidly aligned me with my life's calling. I documented my life through recorded sessions of guided meditations and trusted my growth process like a neuroscientist in a science lab and this course manifested as a result.

I can't make you any promises, but all eight of the digital downloads helped me to not only get balanced but to begin manifesting my heart's desires into fruition. It's difficult to measure how long it will take to manifest a desire because we are not God and everyone's beliefs are different. However, we can document the process and make good of the results as we trust where God is guiding us. Scientifically the results are variables of quantitative energy based on our individual beliefs, so they do vary yet they're reflective every day of life.

Now unto him, that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. I learned that listening to guided meditations directly connects our spirits to the spirit of God and he balances your magnetic vibrational energy fields which validate the above scripture. A balanced energy field results in manifested desires from our hearts.

Limiting beliefs are distractions that sabotages our success and leaves us off track, out of balance, and broken. We have to pluck them up from the root because everything starts with a thought. That thought creates a vibration that manifests into words and those words turn into things because everything has a magnetic vibrating energy field. This course is the ultimate meditation guide to help you gain absolute clarity in 8 steps.

Are you ready to gain clarity and let go of the energy that's not serving you so that you can manifest your desires?

My positive energy balance allowed me to create this course to help lift your spirit to transmute the trauma and stress of everyday living and align you with more triumphant days. In this course, this series of 8 innercises have been organically designed to get you proven results, as it did for me.

What will you learn in this course?

  • How to banish self-limiting beliefs
  • How to rapidly manifest your optimal body
  • How to manifest multiple income streams
  • How to manifest your dream career within 90 days
  • How to gain access to ancient wisdom through a rebirthing process
  • How to rapidly manifest your primary relationship with ease
  • How to manifest your ideal social life
  • How to become your greatest version within 90 days

I imagine connecting to a worldwide audience of kingdom building people who desire to live an abundant life on the earth. If you're one of them, download this course and get ready to transform your life.


You should be willing to connect to your inner world to change your outer world with grace.

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Leah R Evans

Imagine. Connect. Expect.
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My name is Leah R Evans and I’m the founder of A UNIQUE BRAND, LLC (AUBL)AUBL is a Transformational Life Coaching Practice which emerged from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Now, I help everyday Entrepreneurial spirited people to prepare and position to prosper while banishing the trauma and stress of everyday living through Personal Growth and Development strategies.  A changed mind equals a changed life. 

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